>The sin of unbelief

>I think this one is overlooked. With all the blatant egregious sin in the world, unbelief can be chalked up to doubt, or questioning. Or an attitude of “I’m just not sure…” Baloney. We are called to believe. It’s an action verb.

Psalm 37 has a lot of those. This morning I wrote down a list, though not comprehensive, of “commands” David writes in this psalm, from the NASB.

v. 3 trust, dwell
v. 4 delight
v. 5 trust, commit
v. 7 rest, wait, do not fret
v. 8 do not fret
v. 34 wait

If that’s all the psalm was, it’d be sufficient. Those are all action verbs. When we do those things, we believe that God can do what He says He can do.

Why do we worry? Become anxious? Try to figure everything out? Plan out every hour of our day like I do? Because we’re not believing.

The Bible says in countless places that the Lord is good. His mercy endures forever. He will hold no good thing back from those who walk blameless (Psalm 84). He will give us joy, peace, patience, etc etc etc.

It’s all there, written in black and white for us to see in any version or language you want. Why do we have such a time willing ourselves to believe that those words are true?

If you’re going through a tough time, tell God how you feel. He’s not going to be afraid of what you have to say or shun you. He won’t get on your case and tell you to just “get over it”. He will listen. Pouring out an honest heart is worth so much more to Him than pretending that everything is okay.

I started my journey from unbelief to belief by doing just that. “Lord, it’s not fair. Why is this happening? What’s the point?”

And He will be faithful to give you all you ask for in His name. He will reveal Himself to you through your prayer time and through His Word. As you grow to know Him more, you will trust Him more. Just like a friend. You’re not going to tell a stranger your deepest darkest secrets. So start out small and remember that it’s a two-way street.

He may not answer all your prayers like you want them answered. He has a reason and time for everything. But He will for sure hold nothing good back from you if you are walking blameless in His sight. Try it and see if you’re not impressed with the nearness and goodness of our God.

But if you continue in your unbelief, your heart will be hardened. We just talked last night in Bible study about not being offended on account of God.

I have every reason to be offended about my situation, and with people. It’s a daily choice I have to make, to not let myself say those things like, “I quit my job for this?!” or “Must be nice that she has her husband home every night.” The Lord has been faithful to give me new thoughts towards my situation.

Don’t let the enemy steal your passion and fervor for doing the Lord’s work. Every step you take away from God is one more inch of ground you’re giving to the other side. There is a greater work to be done in your life, bigger than you can even imagine.

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