>And we turn to the same page

>My husband and I are on the same page about the major things – finances, beliefs, roles in marriage. It’s awesome. I think that’s the way it should be when you’re yoked with someone in marriage. The little things we aren’t so agreeable on, like music and books and whatnot.

Last night we both affirmed that even while this situation really can stink sometimes, we are both willing to have it God’s way rather than our way. In our entire relationship of 7.5 years, I’m not sure we’ve had more than six months of normalcy, whatever the heck that is! It’s always been a challenge, and I won’t say struggle because we’ve approached it with positive attitudes.

We realize that it may never be “our turn” to relax, get comfortable, have a house with 2.5 kiddos and a picket fence or whatever the American dream is. We are okay with that. We may always be challenged in our walk as spouses, and we would rather have it that way.

Aaron just got done reading Through Painted Deserts by Donald Miller, I daresay one of his favorite authors. I have been thinking about this all week… and our thought patterns converged last night amidst my emotional freaking out I do every once in awhile.

I can’t even express how awesome it is to be led by a man who loves the Lord and loves me with all of his heart.

I know what he will say if I have an opportunity to do short-term missions, or give financially to a ministry, before I even ask. He’s a yes-man, but not in a bad way. He supports me and my personal ministry 100% and always wants the best for me, and for us. I’ve never had someone affirm me like that in all my life.

Slowly we can see God working in our current situation even more, and we know that whatever the outcome is, it will be for His glory and His glory only. We’ve wanted nothing more out of our relationship, though we haven’t always acted on that.

Things have been working out financially. That’s a huge answer to prayer. Challenge yourself in obedience to give the Lord ten percent off the top and see what He will do!

He’s brought us from this:

 November 2003, Momentum youth convention, a few months after we started dating
to this…
 Our first missions trip together two months after our wedding, August 2008
to this.
Grand Canyon, shortly before he graduated training, May 2010

I know that we’re just getting started.

Two things I know for sure: I love that man with my whole heart. And our children will be adorable! 😉

I can’t even begin to dream up what God has for us, both as a couple and individually. I hope He takes us to all reaches of the earth, and to all sorts of people. I hope our children will have a heart like ours, which are slowly being molded into a heart like Jesus’. I want us to leave a legacy that when people look at our lives, they will know without a doubt that we belonged to the Lord and wanted nothing more than to completely surrender our lives to Him.

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