>"Bachelorette" on the block

>Lean Cuisine for lunch. Travel coffee mugs in the sink. Kitty on my lap.

Those are just a few signs that I’m living it up as a “bachelorette”. It’s been almost twenty months since my husband left for Basic training, and then Advanced training, and now he’s in South Korea. I’ve finally, finally, admitted to myself that it’s okay to not cook every night, or for a week. It’s okay to spend just $20 a week on groceries, and eat out sometimes. It’s okay to have a lot of girls’ nights with movies and popcorn and Starbucks and knitting. That’s life right now.

Sometimes it gets lonely, like tonight. I spend all day now with lots of little people, and then I have other activities after work. When I come home, strangely enough I wish someone were here. Well, a very certain someone. Soon and very soon. I turned on the Christmas lights, lit the candles and turned on Biggest Loser on Hulu to not feel so alone.

My kitteh, Luthor, has been a great companion. He’s really come around since our first day together. He’s sweeter, he hangs out and lays around right next to me. He also lets me know when it’s morning so he can get some food. I hope we can get a dog when we move. A big one. That I can train to run with me.

Doesn’t he look thrilled?

I’ve been on a break from running this week. I stayed home sick yesterday with a short but nasty sinus infection. Antibiotics, ibuprofen, and sleep did the trick! I felt about 95% today when I woke up. I hope to do a long run on Saturday. We still have a few weeks before we really need to crank out the training. (Only 4.5 months until the marathon!)

Four more days of school (yes, we go next Monday and Tuesday), three more days at Jo-Ann (Saturday, Thursday and Friday) and I’m on break! I love being on a salary contract, and I’m excited for what the future of this next semester will hold.

Now it’s off to finally curl up with my book (Chronicles of Narnia) and hot tea before getting to bed at a decent time. ‘Night!

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