>Marathon Training: Week 2

>Monday: rest (did cross-training today: 10 min elliptical, 15 min bike, tricep dips, pushups on my knees, and crunches)
Tuesday: 3 mi run (intervals) (did 3 mi in 29:15, avg pace 9:45 – slowest pace was 11:32/mi, fastest was 7:30/mi)
Wednesday: 5 mi run (tempo) (did 5 mi in 53 min: 1 mi warm, 3 @ 10:00 pace, 1 mi cool)
Thursday: 3 mi run (easy) (3 in 35.. I don’t think my HR topped 150-155.. very easy)
Friday: rest
Saturday: 9 mi (rested this day too since it was COLD!)
Sunday: cross (11.1 miles in 2 hrs, 8 min, avg pace of 11:32.. that’s right on the dot! Listened to music and finished listening to Get Out of That Pit by Beth Moore. Beautiful winter day today.)

TOTAL MILEAGE: 22.1 miles, my highest ever I believe.

So there’s Week 2 at the Novice 2 level. All my runs this week are just specified as “run”, and not “pace” or whatever. But I think in the interest of improving my pace overall, I will make one three-miler a workout for intervals, and then one an easy run. The mid-week run will be a tempo run (1-mi warm up, 3-mi at a given pace, 1-mi cooldown). The pace for the tempo will be anywhere from 9:43-10:08, according to the McMillan running calculator.

The training schedule in itself might change a little as we go along due to life circumstances.. and also due to the fact that Gabi and I got a head start on marathon training with our 8, 10 and 12-mi runs.

Can you all tell that I love to crunch numbers? I loved math in school, and went as far as calculus in high school and then took Calculus 2 at Bradley. I couldn’t remember it now for the life of me, but I still love math.

Posting all this publicly keeps me accountable! Watch for updates as the week goes on!

-Eat a lot of protein! (I’ve heard as much as 1g/1lb body weight… that’s a lot!)
-Be able to wear compression shorts on race day (marathon) and rock them!

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