>February is pink!


For some reason, when I think of February, I think of pink. It’s probably because of Valentine’s Day. I love February so much more than January. I think this month is the worst out of the whole year, and I’m glad it went by so fast with Aaron being home for most of it.

February is short and sweet, literally, and since I’m in first grade now we will have a class party! How fun.

Here in central Illinois we could be (well, I could be) celebrating the beginning of next month with a crazy snowstorm. I need to head to the store tomorrow to get a few things in case it’s really bad. Looks like we might get a foot! It’s been quite awhile since we’ve had that much in one storm. I have my knitting, Netflix, popcorn, and hot chocolate ready to go in case.

I have to say that I am feeling 100% back to normal again. My sis-in-law Katie hosted a Stampin’ Up party on Friday night and it was the perfect pick-me-up. I love crafty things because although my husband has teased me about having adult ADD, I can focus on projects for hours at a time. I even forget to eat. We made three cards and a picture frame. I might try to go to the subsequent parties in the future, and I might even buy a few things next time. The prices are pretty comparable to the good stuff at Hobby Lobby or Jo-Ann.

I got my yoga mat bag done!

Sorry that the pic is poor quality. I took it on my flip phone since Aaron took the camera back with him. I knitted the i-cord (easiest thing ever!) and sewed the strap on and it’s done! I looooove it. Now I’ll continue with my entrelac knitting and start on some socks. Amelia and her mom got me needles, yarn and a sock book for Christmas.

Amelia stayed the night last night and we watched a couple movies, ate breakfast for dinner, drank apple soda (the Izze kind.. yum!) and stayed up late talking girly. It was also a perfect pick-me-up. I am so blessed with amazing friends and family who are there for me and know what I need.

For some reason, I am loving my apartment and being home. Part of it is that we spent nine nights out of the time he was home at a hotel. We also were really busy after I came home from work most days, so we didn’t get much chill time together at home. I think a couple snow days will be perfect.

I already have some spring cleaning and other projects in mind.. can’t wait until it starts to thaw out and the days get longer.

On my way home yesterday from Elgin, I was blaring Chris McClarney’s “Your Love is Everything” (check it out below), and I realized the most important lesson I am learning from this nearly two-year journey. God is faithful. He is always there, always loves, no matter what we do. Even if we purposely walk away from Him, He will still take us back with open arms. It’s not fair. A perfect God-man dying for our sin isn’t fair. Not getting what we deserve isn’t fair. But that’s why it’s called mercy.

I’m starting to really feel like I’m reconciling all parts of myself. They say you turn into five different people in between the ages of 20-25, and finally I feel like I’m growing into my spirituality and relationships. I’m starting to feel a sustainable balance of spirituality and humanity. I feel at peace.

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