>Snow day vacay

>How lovely to have three whole days off in a row. I actually got a decent amount of things accomplished, and I rested. A lot. It was great. It’s even better that the weekend is almost here because Aaron has a four-day weekend.

Let’s make a list of everything I accomplished:
-Did two loads of laundry
-Scoured out bottom cabinets
-Cleaned litterpan (one of my least favorite chores)
-Made dinner two out of the three days!
-Made sourdough starter
-Made two loaves of sourdough bread, not the best but pretty good!
-Made chocolate chip cookies
-Made four Valentine’s-themed placemats with old pictures and cards of Aaron and me
-Knitted a good portion of my Kindle cozy
-Sewed for a good chunk of last evening (it’s a gift so I can’t say!)
-Read part of House Rules by Jodi Picoult
-Slept in all three days
-Ran six miles this morning at the gym, shoot me now
-Made and organized my grocery list
-Planned healthy meals for the next couple weeks
-Watched the first two sessions of the Daniel study, am still working on the “homework”
-Watched some more Smallville with Aaron

That looks like an awful lot, and I guess it is. And yes, I want a medal. But I did get my fair share of rest. It was the perfect balance of productivity and rest.

Here are some things I’m very excited about!

a) The fact that it’s already February. In March I can say “Next month I turn 25 and run my first marathon!” Which means that I absolutely have to kick this training in its pretty little arse.
b) The fact that it’s already February. Aaron’s done in Korea in only 4.5 months. Thank You God!… which means we move very soon after that.
c) The fact that it’s already February. Days are getting longer (it was still light at 5:30) and the temps will be getting warmer. Maybe not till April, but whatevz.
d) Getting back on track with my cash budgeting. There’s a sense of power when I pay actual cash for something. I don’t have to worry about if my checking account has enough money or if the card machines are working. And I like dumping all my leftover change into my salsa jar.
e) Getting back on track with eating healthy. Today my body was craving healthy food after my mental battle with the treadmill (I won, in case you care).
f) The possibilities of where our future home will be. Seeing as this is the second year in a row we’re waiting for orders, there’s something pure and fun about waiting to see where we will be stationed. Now that we’ve almost gotten Korea out of the way, anything else is better. Even with a potential deployment. Oh wait. He’s in the Army so he will have to go fight the bad guys at some point. My bad. I’m telling you, even three months of living under the same roof with my man sounds like heaven.

Now it’s back to work tomorrow. Major roads are clear, according to the IDOT Winter Road Conditions map. I still love this job. No lesson plans, no responsibility, no worry. And oh, did I say yet that things are going very well for my friend at school? Because they are. He’s making progress and more than anything I love that relieved look on a parent’s face when they are told that things are better than they thought. I lied. Really more than anything I love the look on a child’s face the moment he “gets it”, or the moment his confidence in own abilities rises.

To conclude, I would post pictures of some of my yummy and artistic-ish creations, but someone took the camera back with him across the pond. Can I go 4.5 more months without a camera? I’m not sure.

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