>Marathon Training: Week 6

>I really shouldn’t kid myself – weeks 4 and 5 were nonexistent. Ah well. I jumped back on the running train anyway.

Monday: 3 mi at the gym. Yuck.
Tuesday: thought about the gym and didn’t do yoga even though I said I would.
Wednesday: actually wanted to workout, but dug my car out of 15″ of snow instead. Burned around 300 cals.
Thursday: 6 mi at the gym; so proud of myself. There was a TV in front of me, but I hate watching TV while running. So I kind of ran to the right side of the treadmill so I could people watch. But there weren’t that many people there so they probably just thought I was a creepy stalker. But hey! got my six miles in.
Friday: rest; my body was not happy with me as I sat around for the better part of three days and then ran
Saturday: 10 mi run with Gabi. Got ‘er dun before 9:30. Sleeping in on Saturdays is overrated, I say. It was a good solid training run.
Sunday: I’m supposed to cross-train. I’m thinking yoga to stretch out these already-sore muscles, pushups (still girly ones) and abs. Do you know how much I hate ab workouts? Because I do. They always remind me of gym class in junior high and Mr. Norman yelling at us, specifically those of us who were not athletic. In my mind I think he was just ticked at me because I was tall and not using it for basketball, or my long legs for track. 😉

I was supposed to have included another three-mile run, but I think 19 miles for one week following a two-week hiatus (and I hadn’t run a long distance for a month!) isn’t too shabby. Next Saturday we run the Winter Wildlife Trail Run, and that’s a 6K. I’m slightly nervous as I’ve never run a trail race before.

I’ve been successful in tracking my food and exercise this week on sparkpeople.com. As I’ve said before, I’m a huge number-cruncher, so I love analyzing the breakdown of nutrition. I also went grocery shopping at Aldi and Kroger (two different places, and with a list.. oh my!) and got yummy food to make. And I paid cash. Annnd got a few cute Valentine’s decorations for the apartment.

Oh! Forgot to add that I ran the last three miles without music, unexpectedly. For some reason my Nike+ thing decided to stop playing music but kept the mileage going. I didn’t want to mess with the mileage so I just took off my headphones. It was eye-opening, er, ear-opening. I could hear all the cars coming (I usually run with one headphone out anyway) and the birds, and I concentrated on my breathing. I also had some sentimental thoughts about running, but I’ll save that for another time. I know you’re bummed, but you’ll get over it.

Okay! So, now that I’m done talking your ear off (if you made it this far without putting virtual duct tape over my virtual mouth), I’m gonna enjoy the rest of my coffee and chill out today. I think Smallville, knitting, napping and talking to the husband are in order. ¡Chau!

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