>Fresh air never smelled so good

>And I don’t mean the fresh air that stings your nose and freezes your lungs! Spring is almost here in central Illinois and I can’t wait!

Lately my life has been work, eat, run, sleep, and whatever other activities I’m involved in. Work has been keeping me sane. I can have a horrible morning and get all worked up about something, and then I get to work and I just relax. Running has been interesting this week, and I’ll blog more about that in my weekly training blog.

I’m to such a point in my walk with Christ that I have to choose either the wide and common path or the straight and narrow. There is no in between; He wants me fully committed.

I’ve really been evaluating my purpose on this earth for the next few years. Going back to school for my Master’s is not an option as we are not taking out more loans. Being a mom is not an option right now, either, and I’m slowly but surely coming to terms with that. We were just discussing the benefits of being “older” parents (~30 & 32) last night. I’m glad we’re on the same page with that.. it will make the next several years less resentful I think.

I’m anxious to get orders to our next duty station, but I’m not sweating it. I learned my lesson really well, first with Texas and then with Korea. I’m going to go with the flow as far as my ridiculous lists are concerned, and look for a job with patience. I know it will all work out.

We’ve gotten back a piece of our “gazelle intensity”, as Dave Ramsey calls it. I haven’t been eating out hardly at all for the past three weeks (except for going out with my in-laws and out with my dad for his birthday) and I’m happy but not surprised by how much extra money we seem to have. I’ve also been using only cash for things. We filed our 2010 taxes and will be using our return to pay off the first school loan, put some in savings and we’ll each get a little chunk to spend. We’ll be putting an extra $500/month down on the second school loan and hopefully get at least a third of that paid off by June. We are determined!!

I was listening to people in the lounge talk today about school loans and how they’ll be paying on them until they retire. It’s sad that people think that they’re destined to live in debt for such a long time. I held my tongue but I wanted to say that I’ll have mine paid off, Lord willing, in just a few short years… and I went to private school! My BA cost as much as some BA+MA’s cost!

Anyway. About this fresh air. Almost all the snow is melted and my apartment smells like spring. It’s soothing, and I’ve been sleeping harder. For some reason I’ve been getting to sleep by 10 o’clock, sometimes earlier if I’ve been reading my Kindle (loooooove that thing!). Then I wake up some mornings at 4, but usually at 5 and my body seems ready to get up. Maybe I will start taking advantage of that and get my run or Bible study in before work.

I started a book club this week with some fellow Army wives online and we’re reading The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. It’s a great book so far, and I’m actually almost a fourth of the way through it. I joined a book club so I’d be forced to relax and read!

This weekend I declared for rest. Besides my long run Saturday morning with Gabi and church on Sunday morning, I will do what I feel like, when I feel like. I want to get totally caught up in our Daniel study and clean out my car. But naps and baking cookies are definitely on the schedule!

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