>Marathon Training: Week 9

>Okay, people, I think this is the point where the women are separated from the girls. This week was good, though I was sore most of the time. But it’s the kind of sore where you know your muscles are growing back twice as strong.

Let’s see…

Sunday: I went to the gym after a two-hour nap and did light cross-training and resistance machines. I did 15 min on the bike and 15 on the elliptical. Then I worked on my arms and shoulders mostly and they hurt for a good three days! I haven’t worked them out like that in a long time.

Monday: Rest! Had Becca over for lunch, then we went to a movie, and then I went to Bible study. It was a good day off. 🙂

Tuesday: 4.37-mi “tempo” run… did a warm-up, 3 mi @ 8:57, and cool down. I was thinking about my workout all day and that my goal was to run three miles at a 9:00 pace. Yes, sometimes I fantasize about running. Get over it. I did it!! I say “tempo” because I didn’t do a full mile warm-up and cool-down.

Wednesday: 8-mi pace run. Heh. This is the day I was making excuses all over the place for not wanting to go. I’m tired, I’m sore, I don’t have enough time, my running clothes need washed, it’s rainy… blah blah BLAH. But I turned myself on autopilot and after I got home from work, I changed and headed out the door. Not really sure what I expected with this, but happy about the pace (10:45). That’s what the calculators say I will do on the marathon.

Thursday and Friday: Rest! Gabriela suggested a 16-miler for Saturday, and my schedule only said 11. I figured we could do the 16 miles. We needed to at this point since we’re only two months away.

Saturday: 16-mi long run. Obviously it was long. Our pace was 10:55, which is great considering it’s the longest distance so far and there were a couple unforeseen hills. Great course though, with hardly any cars and deer. It snowed a little bit last night and so the trees were white.

This morning I woke up at 5 having only had four hours of dozing. I had a latte yesterday in the afternoon and I knew I’d be up all night. Amelia, her mom and I had a fun girls’ night with dinner and shopping and it was much needed for all of us. I got a lot of good deals and only spent $110. At VS I went to ring up my purchase and the associate asked me if I had a VS card. I told her not anymore, and she smirked. It was great.

I had a mental block this morning about running 16 miles, even though it was only two more miles than last weekend’s run. That’s a long way! I knew that I wanted to keep a good pace, but also to relax and enjoy it. But on my way over I teared up a little thinking about how far I’ve come in just a year! This time last year I was struggling to run three miles at a slightly faster pace. God is good!

Next week’s “long run” is only six miles. Yessssss. Then we bump it up to 18. Oh my. I will handle that when the time comes.

It’s quite possible that I will take a long nap today. 🙂

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