>Financial update

>On a different note, Aaron and I are just $60 shy of paying off $23,000!!! That’s over a third of our total debt. It’s so encouraging as I create the budget for living in Texas to see that besides our rent, utilities, gas and food, our monthly bills are only $824. I love the financial freedom we have been experiencing.

I ate fast food today for the first time in six weeks. Man oh man, my stomach is not happy. But it was so good. (Taco Bell!) I have been very careful about eating out, whether it’s going out with friends or getting a coffee at Starbucks. And let me tell you, I’ve saved so much money. I take out $300 every two weeks in cash for gas, food, toiletries, gifts and spending money and it lasts those entire two weeks. My drive to work is 25 miles one way, so I spend a good deal of that on gas. I’ve become so used to paying actual cash for things that to pay with a debit card feels like I’m using a credit card.

Our financial goals for the next few months are to keep paying extra on the next loan in addition to our minimum payments and to save, save save! We know driving across the US of A will be pricey, and who knows when we will actually get reimbursed for moving expenses. I’m also not sure if there’s any maintenance that we’ll need for the Camry before we go. New tires are probably on the list.

Phone bills, however, have not been pretty lately. For February, we’re shelling out $200 for my phone alone. Are we willing to give up talking every day? No. Are we willing to balance the budget by cutting back in other areas? Yes. And thank goodness it’s only for a few more months.

I guess I’m finally starting to get excited about moving to Texas (or wherever, if orders change). Last night I started checking out apartments off-post. Soon I’ll start cleaning out boxes that have been packed for almost a year.

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