>Get right back up again

>Although the week has been long, it’s been successful in my neck of the woods.

I’ve been drinking water like it’s going out of style, and my bladder tells me so, haha. The scale at the gym weighed me in a few pounds heavier than a week ago. I’m honestly not sure if it’s just because I was overeating pretty much every day (but I did burn thousands of calories week before last) or if it’s because my body is so thankful for rehydration! I’m sure this is normal, but the backs of my thighs are getting so muscular, like so much so that my pants are starting to feel snug.

I’m completely over caffeine headaches, but I will tell you that nothing this morning sounded better than a grande white chocolate mocha with an extra shot. I have to say that with no caffeine and tons more fluids, I’m feeling more clear-headed and I don’t think my moods are fluctuating as much.

For my running this week I went to the gym. I’ve been training outside all winter long and frankly, I’m sick of it! Sick of the layers, the cold hands, etc. And honestly, seven miles on the treadmill the other night wasn’t too bad. I made sure to drink water as I was running, and I wore my heart rate strap. The treadmills at the gym pick up the HR so I was able to monitor that. Everything was fine – no crazy spikes, and no SVT episodes at all this week.

I had my echocardiogram on Tuesday morning before work. It was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever had done (well, you know, besides getting stitches when I was 14 and having my heart stopped two weeks ago;). The technician was very friendly and explained everything to me. It’s just amazing to see the heart in its glory… I honestly don’t know how one can not believe in a Creator after learning about how the heart works. Or even how our bodies function at all! The doctor still hasn’t called back with results, so I will probably be calling them early next week. I am confident, however, that this is not a chronic issue as long as I take care of myself.

I did get the results back from the blood draw, and my ferritin (iron stores) were at the lowest of the range, a 6 on a scale of 6 to 137. People don’t start feeling normal until that level is around a 50. And it can take months to get my iron levels back to that. My cousin who is a nurse told me to eat raw red meat! Haha. I will definitely be eating red meat for awhile. It’s a very good excuse to eat steak on a regular basis. Mmm.

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