>Why I love the Grand Canyon, a photoblog.

>I think it’s obvious by my background for the blog that I love the Grand Canyon. I’ve written a little about Arizona before, and rehashed details from our trip last June, but I don’t think I posted pictures. I wish I had all my pictures from my 1995 trip scanned in.. I was a wee little lass back then. 🙂

1) The sight of the Grand Canyon takes your breath away. Seriously. Driving around the park in my in-laws’ rented convertible was pretty sweet, but all my thoughts were on the unfathomable expanse of the canyon when I saw it. Oh, and that guy takes my breath away, too.

2) There are fun things to do, like hiking. We did a hike on the South Kaibab Trail that was 5km from start to finish and had us descend about 1,100 feet.

We made it to Cedar Ridge and then went back up. There were no cedars, in case you were wondering.

There were signs posted everywhere to not hike to the river and back in one day. So, don’t. You could DIE. And for goodness’ sakes, don’t ride a bike in the canyon. I mean, really. No wheelies!

The flat portions of the trail were few and far between. And lookie there, it’s that one guy again. 😉 (That would be the ever-handsome and chivalrous husband.)

We saw amazing formations like this. There is a certain type of evergreen that grows only at this elevation (~7,000ft).

Yes, so this is the view down from the top I believe.

And we also got to see formations like this. It’s amazing that even after you’ve descended 500 or 1000 feet, there is still so much more.. well.. canyon. It’s never-ending.

This, my friends, is what they call a “saddle”, and for good reason. It wasn’t nearly as scary as it looks here.

3) There are amazing sunsets. What is better than sharing an evening kiss with your love at sunset at the Grand Canyon??

4) The drive to and from is beautiful.. it’s amazing how many different climates there are in Arizona.

I think this was Humphreys Peak, north of Flagstaff. I remember making this same drive when I was only 10.

We were sold on doing a week-long hiking/camping expedition at some point. It would be amazing.

2 thoughts on “>Why I love the Grand Canyon, a photoblog.

  1. >I've never been to the Grand Canyon so I'm living vicariously through your pictures. It's gorgeous. I love seeing nature's beauty at it's finest 🙂

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