>Running laughs

>While being lazy this afternoon, I was perusing running gear on cafepress.com. Here are some things I lol’d at.. excuse me if they’re dorky or just plain dumb (or slightly inappropriate)..

  • Run like a mother
  • 13.1: I’m only half crazy
  • 26.2: Pass the weak, hurdle the dead
  • I eat 5K’s for breakfast
  • Thirteen point freaking one
  • Stop playing with your balls (a basketball, football and baseball crossed out). RUN
  • My sport is your sport’s punishment
  • Training for a marathon. Kill me now. (Ain’t THAT the truth?)
  • And on the seventh day, God did an easy three.
  • Half marathon mom: 13.1 miles of peace and quiet
  • I don’t exercise because I like to sweat. I exercise because I like to eat.
  • While running, it is rude to count the people you pass out loud.
  • Our workouts are a lot longer than our shorts.
  • Hell and back: 26.2
  • Mile 20: I thought I was dead. Mile 22: I wished I was dead. Mile 24: I knew I was dead. Mile 26.2: I knew I become too tough to kill.
  • Marathoning is a state of mind… it’s called insanity.
Well, that was just too much fun for one night. Happy Sunday!

>Summer fever

>This shan’t be a long post with anecdotes.. just summarizing my thoughts for the day.

  • It’s in the lower 80’s here today. Did you hear me? EIGHTIES. Crazy. 
  • We have 70-ish days until Aaron’s back stateside… that is exciting. We are approximately 89% DONE with this. Thank you thank you thank you Lord.
  • I have no energy to read a book, sew, or knit.. I’ve been perfectly content sitting on my couch, reading about the marathon or watching random documentaries on Netflix (today it was one about linguistics.. interesting). I did get some food prepared for the week (salad, fruit salad, hardboiled eggs)
  • I love the smell of a warm breeze, especially when accompanied by a thunderstorm. I will miss thunderstorms while I’m in the desierto. Unfortunately we will have sandstorms. Oh goody.
  • I have seven weeks of work left. This is exciting. It’s even more exciting because all during spring break I haven’t had to prepare lesson plans or grade papers.
  • I need to remember to not ruin knitting projects by spilling banana smoothies on them. Ick.
  • I realize that I have worked since I was 14. It’s not a crime to have some down time several times a week. My brain has become progressively healthier over the past few years I think.
  • I’m excited to possibly create a t-shirt for our Faith for the Cure team.. so many ladies running this year!
  • I now have my running/workout schedules printed and on the fridge for April and May. By the end of May, post-marathon, I have 26 miles scheduled for the week… we’ll see how that really goes.
  • My birthday is less than three weeks away!