>Running laughs

>While being lazy this afternoon, I was perusing running gear on cafepress.com. Here are some things I lol’d at.. excuse me if they’re dorky or just plain dumb (or slightly inappropriate)..

  • Run like a mother
  • 13.1: I’m only half crazy
  • 26.2: Pass the weak, hurdle the dead
  • I eat 5K’s for breakfast
  • Thirteen point freaking one
  • Stop playing with your balls (a basketball, football and baseball crossed out). RUN
  • My sport is your sport’s punishment
  • Training for a marathon. Kill me now. (Ain’t THAT the truth?)
  • And on the seventh day, God did an easy three.
  • Half marathon mom: 13.1 miles of peace and quiet
  • I don’t exercise because I like to sweat. I exercise because I like to eat.
  • While running, it is rude to count the people you pass out loud.
  • Our workouts are a lot longer than our shorts.
  • Hell and back: 26.2
  • Mile 20: I thought I was dead. Mile 22: I wished I was dead. Mile 24: I knew I was dead. Mile 26.2: I knew I become too tough to kill.
  • Marathoning is a state of mind… it’s called insanity.
Well, that was just too much fun for one night. Happy Sunday!

4 thoughts on “>Running laughs

  1. >Those are so good.And seriously, I'm in awe of how awesome you are and how much you push yourself with running. I need to do that, and I'd like to run more, so I might as well start soon!

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