>Marathon Training: Week 15: The Taper

>So. This week was interesting.

Monday: an awesome great three-mile run on the treadmill, with the fastest mile being 8:34! Felt great. I wore my ankle brace Monday and Tuesday.. it was a little sore after the 20-miler last Saturday.
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: Rest. Tuesday was planned, the other two days weren’t.

Wednesday I went to the hospital because I was having some tightness in my chest and I felt like I was going to pass out. Had an EKG, chest x-ray and bloodwork done and all came back fine. Both the EMTs and ER doc said that it had nothing to do with my heart. Not totally convinced, but we’ll see.

The doc thinks I felt the tightness, which may have not been hardly anything to begin with, but then psyched myself out and hyperventilated. I had no episode of SVT during all this, but my blood pressure at first was like 150/100. It’s usually 100/70. I know that if I had a major heart problem, it would have been found by now. If I have to see a specialist in the future, it wouldn’t hurt to find one who’s a runner or athlete.

Anyway, the doc said I could still run the marathon. I go back to my family doc on Tuesday for more bloodwork to see if my anemia has lessened. She’ll read the results from the ER and we’ll go from there. I’ve had four very short SVT episodes in the past six weeks, all of which have happened while at rest and been easy to convert back to normal rhythm (less than 30 seconds). I thought one happened during a run, but it turns out my HRM battery was going awry.

I’ve been cutting out all sweets since the beginning of March (Lenten fast), and all caffeine since the end of February. I will also abstain from infrequent social drinks until after I recover from the marathon. I have noticed that the SVT has occurred after having a drink in the couple days after a long run. Not exactly sure what the correlation is (dehydration or the fact that it’s a depressant and lowers my already-low HR), but it’s enough to  make me abstain for now.


Friday: nada.
Saturday: 7 miles with Gabi and Aaron. It was humid and foggy, but it felt great to run outside and get my legs moving after four days of rest. No spikes on the HR graph from the Garmin.

I was hesitant and albeit a little nervous for the run this morning. However, I woke up feeling good and could have gone faster (we had an 11:02 pace).

Now I’m in Chicagoland, awaiting the Shamrock Shuffle downtown in the morning. Should be a short and sweet race at only 8K. I haven’t run a race since Thanksgiving weekend (I don’t count the trail hike through twelve inches of snow as a race).. I love race days.

The taper and countdown continue! 21 days! 🙂 I will tread lightly and take the doc’s advice (no pun intended) but I will not be held back by fear either.

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