>I’m about to go crazy with excitement. With the final “long” run under our feet (eight miles tonight, GREAT pace), I am so geared up for this race. My hopes are to be able to relax this week and get lots of rest, even if it’s not sleeping. I want to eat well and avoid caffeine, alcohol and sweets as much as possible and drink drink drink!

This is where we get to finish!

I have a list of everything I need to bring with me. I’ll be rolling into town Friday afternoon in time to see Hannah run her first 5K! I am so excited and proud of her! I will have a working camera by then too, so I’m hoping to get some pics.

The next race after the marathon and Race for the Cure 5K is the Steamboat Classic 4M… I’m hoping to get a group of friends together to run this one. I considered the 15K (9.3M) but decided against it for a couple reasons being 1) you run through quite a hilly portion and 2) my bestie is running it and I want to be there to cheer her on at the finish.

I am totally in love with my Brooks. And with running. And with my husband. And with my life.

I know this is short; I’m trying to get some of my excitement out so I don’t go crazy this week! Please pray for health, strong lungs and legs and that all the logistics would work out!

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