>Zero week thus far

>So, this is what you call zero week, according to Hal Higdon. Replacing carbs, hurting like you were hit by a truck (or just ran 26.2 miles, whichever you prefer), splurging on a massage, eating an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s because you just burned 3200 cals in one workout.

Saturday night
Saturday night was insane. I thought I’d come home from Champaign, take a hot bath (should have been an ice bath, but no matter) and pass out. Alas, I did all but the latter. I was up until 12:30 driving my poor husband crazy over all the details. At around 9 pm after I’d been laying in bed for hours, I suggested we watch Forrest Gump. I wanted to see him run across the country for three years. So we did, and I bawled my eyes out at the end and laughed at pretty much everything else. I’d briefly forgotten how awesome of a movie it is.

Sunday morning
So I fell asleep around 12:30 and woke up again around 5 almost in tears. I’ve never had a baby, or had major trauma, but I was in the worst pain ever. I went to church and was met by many surprised glances and comments because I guess people thought I wouldn’t make it. Um, why would I not want to go to church the day after one of the most amazing experiences of my life?! I was actually walking around pretty well considering the circumstances.

Sunday afternoon
I ended up going to lunch and the bags tournament after church with Amelia. I didn’t do too shabby either, and held out for quite awhile. We left and I went with her to buy her first pair of running shoes!! I felt like a pro. She got some Asics and loves them! We run Race for the Cure 5K on Saturday, rain or shine. (Am I insane for kind of hoping for rain?!)

Sunday evening
I spent the evening straightening up the apartment and laying around. It was awesome. I ate an entire pint of ice cream with absolutely no guilt. I laid around in hopes of falling asleep and taking a nap, but no such luck. I ended up falling asleep at 10-ish.

Monday morning
I woke up around 1:30 to sound outside. I didn’t get to sleep until half an hour later, but when I did I slept hard. And then of course I had to get up for work. I unexpectedly had to sub all day today, but I was glad to be moving around. I was mildly sore, probably a 4 or 5 on the pain scale of 10.

Monday evening
I came home from work and for one split second, contemplated going for a run. I felt good. But that would be stupid, so I didn’t. I instead took a bath and relaxed some more. A massage therapist friend from church brought her table over and gave me a massage. It was exactly what I needed, I think. It was awesome.

So, to sum it up in case you didn’t care to read my ridiculous rambling, I ate lots of food and (tried to) sleep a lot.

My plan for the rest of the week is to continue resting, sleep when I’m tired, and eat more protein. I might try some yoga or very very very light cross-training later in the week. If I’m feeling good on Saturday, I’m going to go for it at the 5K, the very event that started talk of this journey of [in]sanity. Of course, a year ago, I never envisioned myself running this far this soon. But, friends, all things are possible to him who believes.

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