>Time is short.

>I know I really haven’t been posting about anything other than running lately, but I assure you there is more to life than that!

Mentally I’m trying to prepare for moving to Texas, so far away from family and friends. I’m thankful I’m going into this blind because I think I have a really good attitude about the move.

I haven’t really done much to prepare; the Army will move everything for us. When I thought I was moving to Korea, I went through everything and purged unnecessary items. I will probably do this again seeing as it’s been a year since the last purge.

I love getting rid of things.. I am the Queen of Goodwill Donations. I’m excited to peer into my closet and take stock of all the sweaters I most likely won’t need in Tejas. Yes, Tejas. Ahh. Warm weather, you and I will fall head-over-heels in love. (Let’s just make sure there’s a pool and lots of decaf iced tea nearby.)

I really can’t believe this separation is coming to a close. I understand that deployments are inevitable, but none last two years! We will worry about that when the time comes. Honestly, thinking about sending my husband overseas again so soon makes me crazy. We will just take each day at a time. After all, “today has enough worry of its own” (Matt. 6).

I cannot wait for our roadtrip. I bought an atlas last night.. I love looking through it and imagining ourselves driving through Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico before finally reaching our destination. New Mexico is a little out of the way, but Albuquerque is only four hours from El Paso.

I’m still believing that finances will work out and everything will be provided. I was working out our budget for the millionth time last week and yes, we can still live on Aaron’s modest income. I haven’t really started looking for jobs yet; I will take one thing at a time. His orders haven’t changed (I always ask to make sure he checks them..) but you never know.

Now for some random non-running related pictures. Sigh of relief, right? šŸ™‚

Luthor really tries to stay updated with Facebook. Everything’s bigger
in Texas, right? I think Luthor’s already jumped on that bandwagon…

I will miss this girl (Amelia), a lot. But we’ll have Skype dates that
involve lots of tea, Beth Moore, and knitting. (We totally did not plan
on wearing the same shirt, by the way. And in case you were wondering,
no, I’m not standing on stilts.)

 I discovered another local coffee shop on Friday afternoon.
Iced latte + Kindle + warm weather = bliss.

Yep. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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