>Week in review; revisiting the diet plan

>Hello friends. Sorry about the uncreative title.. it’s been one of those weeks. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

I feel so bloated and just… flabby. I know that’s ridiculous, considering I’m only up 2.7 pounds from my ideal, and I’m still trying to learn how to not to eat like a glutton after months of marathon training. Ha! I’ve been especially bad with the sweets since Easter. I’m the girl who can’t just eat two or three Oreos… or four or five. Yeaaahhh. That’s why I don’t keep those in the house. I think it’s back to 40-calorie sugar-free fudge pops for this chick. (And hubby is coming home soon so I have a goal!)

I’m going to be more diligent about strength training… girly pushups, crunches, Pilates, and yoga, along with the weight machines at the gym. I want to run about twice a week, and cross-train the rest of the time. I don’t have to technically begin training for the December half marathon until about September. That will be perfect; we should be all settled in Texas by then.

As for my eating, well, I really hate to start tracking again. I did it for so long with success that I can probably guess how many calories I eat every day just based on how I feel. I’m going to cut out the lemonade or root beer (you know, the only viable options at fast food which I shouldn’t be eating anyway…) and instead drink water. I have been loving instant decaf Nestea. The aftertaste reminds me of summer days at my grandparents’ farm.

I am done with work in just a few days and then I will be able to focus on getting the apartment ready. The town my bestie lives in is having a town-wide garage sale this weekend, so I am trying to sell all the extra stuff we don’t need.

Sighhh. I’m thankful for yet another week down, and this was an especially busy one. Bring on the summer!

2 thoughts on “>Week in review; revisiting the diet plan

  1. >I'm so excited for you!! I am bad with sweets as well. I usually eat a whole sleeve of Oreos… yikes.

  2. >I used to track too. I had a little program on my phone. It worked well, but it was cumbersome to enter complex homemade recipes. Never found a good solution around that.

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