>I’m in love with someone else…

>…and we go way back.

I love summer. This one in particular, for obvious reasons (husband). I have never been so happy to see thunderstorms, rain and warmer temperatures. I assure you, I will not mind the heat in El Paso.

Here are some reasons I’m in love:

  • You can sleep in. However, I did wake up at 5:15 on my own this morning and actually felt rested. What is wrong with me?!
  • You can stay up till all hours reading. 
  • You can go swimming and not freeze when getting out of the pool.
  • I love the smell of sunscreen
  • I love how the sun lightens my hair.
  • I love how the sun tans my skin… and by tan I mean burn. Hopefully this summer will be different.
  • I hate shoes, so summer is perfect for wearing next to no shoes.
  • I love wearing flowy, summery prints and colors. I’m definitely investing in some more knit dresses.
  • I love thunderstorms, though I was taught a healthy, and sometimes irrational fear, of them.
  • I love waking up to rain and thunder.
  • I drink iced tea like it’s water.
  • I love having summers off. Yes, that’s one big reason I became a teacher. 
  • My paycheck is spread out over the entire twelve months. Nice.
  • The Fourth of July is a lot of fun… all of the W’s stake out our spot at the park at like 3PM and eat, play games and hang out until the fireworks start. It’s a fun tradition that I hope to continue with our kids, no matter where we are.
  • Vacations are fun.

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