>Uncertainty is not always a bad thing.

>We have our lives mapped out for us, even before we’re born. Our parents dream about what activities we’ll be in, who our friends might be, what schools we’ll go to. Then we grow up and start planning our own lives. Sometimes we resort to certain decisions because of a lack of no choice, but in the end things work out for good.

Although I may complain (me, never!) about the Army and all the uncertainties (and bullcrap) it’s brought, it’s just what we I needed to get off my overachieving, anticipating every moment high horse. We have five more years of this lifestyle, and more likely than not, he won’t reenlist. I am totally okay with that. Like, totally.

The best thing, though, is that I have no idea what will be happening when those five years are up. I mean, I have some ideas… have a child of our own, adopt a child, travel, buy a lovely house on the side of a mountain with a view of a lake and a hot tub on the deck and a library room with thousands of books and a baby grand adjacent to the dining room…. yeah. Or not. I have said before that we have felt a call to be missionaries, somewhere, sometime.

But right now, we don’t know where, and we don’t know when. We aren’t even sure if our mission field will be extended internationally. Honestly, it’s what I’m praying and hoping for, but who knows. I’ve learned in the past eight months or so that it’s not up to me.

And I embrace that. I love that in our covenant with God, we have total freedom to dream big dreams, and even in our uncertainty, He knows all things and is completely sovereign. Amazing, really, how it all fits together.

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