>My Nana

>Nana, myself, Grandpa TedMy Nana, my great-grandmother, Bernadine Irene, will be 95 years old next month. 95. She's outlived many people in her family, including her first husband, five out of six siblings, her son and her grandson-in-law. She stands at barely five feet tall, with a shoe size of 4.5 (I asked her one time). … Continue reading >My Nana

>grown up

>so is this what it’s like to grow up?to look on life from the outsidejust watching and waitingand waiting and watchingto find some semblance of order and mercy of life in the aftercalm ofnear death experiences, bipolar tendencies, clanking beer bottles, cigarette butts andthree Little girls, the product of loveso is this what it’s like … Continue reading >grown up

>Hillsong United :: Aftermath Tour :: St. Charles, MO

>Oh my goodness. I can't even describe how amazing it was to worship with Hillsong! For those of you who aren't familiar, they're a worship band from Australia. They make amazing music... the lyrics are heartfelt but convey the simple message that Jesus came to save.We bought tickets for this show back in April, and … Continue reading >Hillsong United :: Aftermath Tour :: St. Charles, MO