>Basking in fellowship

>After second service, we had First Sunday Lunch. This day should get a gold star for awesomeness. Someone in the church cooks a bunch of amazing homemade food, and you get to enjoy a meal with friends. And it’s only a few dollars! Today’s proceeds went to the Czech Republic missions trip happening in July.

I had a great time visiting with friends who have become family… they’ve supported me (sometimes physically with their shoulders!), encouraged me and spoken the truth in love. My friends from the worship team have really made that ministry so worth the time and effort that go into it. Never have I felt such a camaraderie between members. Today we really seemed to gel as a band, and I had a fantastic time rocking out on the keys.

I will miss my church family. Aaron and I have been blessed to have some amazing pastors and church families over the past several years, and leaving is always bittersweet. Moving on is tough, and it’s hard to imagine that I have more room in my heart for even more amazing relationships. The body of Christ is a dynamic and ingenious creation.

Something else I love about our church that I haven’t had a chance to see anywhere else is how everyone helps with each others’ children. Everyone watches out for all the kids.. everyone chases after them.. all the kids seem to love each other. And let me tell you, people in our church make some cute kids! When we first came to Faith, we said to ourselves, “Yeah, we could definitely raise our kids here!”

I have two Sundays left. Next Sunday is my last playing/singing on the worship team. Father’s Day weekend whether or not Aaron is home I hope to go to Highland Games in Itasca with my brother- and sister-in-law, and the weekend after we plan on visiting friends and Stone Creek Church in Urbana. Then we will be back at Faith for our last Sunday, July 3.

One thought on “>Basking in fellowship

  1. >Leaving our church family in Oregon was one of the more difficult parts of our transition to Germany. We're in the process of trying to find another church now, and it's making me homesick. Good luck to you as you begin the search for a new church family! 🙂

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