>Summer observations

>Yes, I have summers off and no, I’m not ashamed.

I love being able to sleep in, or to come home from running or working out, take a shower, and go back to sleep. Guilt level: 0.

I love being able to hang out with friends pretty much whenever.

I love being outside and being active. Running, hiking, biking, walking, swimming, whatever. It’s fun.

I love the sun and heat, as long as there’s a way to cool off, like A/C, water, or a pool. Let’s hope the apartment pool is back on track soon!

I love that everything is so green. The trees, grass and fields. I realize that soon I will see nothing but desert, but I love that too.

Ice cream. Need I say more?

I’m not really loving taking two showers in one day, but I guess it’s necessary so I don’t smell like a junior high boys’ locker room. And my new shampoo smells pretty good. Just sayin’.

Makeup, who needs it? Today I put on only my moisturizer with sunscreen and some mascara. Confidence level? 10/10.

Summer for the past few years has meant a long visit with Aaron and this summer is the best because I don’t have to give him back for awhile!

Speaking of being active…

I went on a trail ride with Becca today. She’s 6’0″ and her husband is 6’7″, so it worked out to use his bike even though I had to lower the seat quite a lot! I’m sooo short at 5’10”. 😉 We went out to Jubilee College State Park west of Peoria. I totally overestimated my abilities. She took off ahead of me and I looked at the trail and took a big gulp. I fell within the first ten seconds, but I got right back on that thing!

We crossed the creek three times, and finally by the third time I just went for it! We walked a lot of it, but it was a great “interval” cardio workout.  She let me borrow Dave’s bike, helmet and gloves. I can see why you’d need a helmet. I also wore bug spray and took my Camelbak. That thing’s come in handy!

Anyway, I had mentioned that I wanted to get a picture in all my scratches-and-mud glory (I know this is nothing compared to you seasoned cyclists!) and so she offered to take this one after she dropped me off. Don’t be deceived; I had a bigger sweat stain than that!

It was fun and totally helped me get the edge off from Aaron coming home a week later than planned. Adrenaline and endorphins do crazy things… so… trail run anyone?


>..yep. That’s the Army for ya. Aaron will be delayed from when we thought he was coming home. At first I was super ticked off because 1) Korea is the biggest Army fail, ever, and 2) I have way too many expectations of things that are not in my control… Hmm. I wonder why I keep having opportunities to learn this lesson. Annnnnd I’m pretty sure I jinxed it…

After I got everything out, and maybe some choice words escaped my mouth, I realized that this actually will work out better. We will have less time at home before we leave, but we have a lot to do so we won’t be pulled in five million directions and driving all over central Illinois to see people. This is not a vacation; this is preparing for a cross-country move. Now that it’s getting closer, I’m starting to realize that I need to take it more seriously. At some point we will be living under the same roof, in the same country, and even, are you ready for this? in the same time zone.

Today I worked out our budget in case we didn’t get an advance on our moving money. I went ahead and budgeted in money for spending in case we could go to Highland Games, which is now the weekend before the arrival date. Now, we can use that money to spend a couple nights at our favorite hotel to have some alone time before everything breaks loose and to also celebrate our anniversary.

Last year we celebrated early, and the year before we celebrated it late in a nasty Econolodge in Pit-of-Hell, Missouri, after Basic Training graduation. (The town was actually called St. Robert; I added my own colorful moniker. Sorry if there was any confusion.) It’s seriously been a year since we’ve had even one whole day to ourselves.

I really try to not complain about the Army and its shenanigans. I know that we knowingly chose this lifestyle and all that comes with it. Living this way does afford many things that are a huge blessing, like housing that’s paid for, great health insurance, and guaranteed paychecks (unless of course, certain people don’t feel like paying our military….). Aaron has had great training that will benefit him long beyond his military service.

I’m ready to get this show on the road.