>Brief update

>Sorry, friends, as I’ve been MIA recently on the blogfront. I’ve been trying to catch up on what’s going on with everyone.

Aaron got in Thursday night to O’Hare, and we stayed up there for a couple nights at this hotel. It was great to get a couple of days where we could just be together and not worry about anything moving-related.

Since he’s been home, we’ve had a couple meals with his family and mine, been to church, and gotten most of the apartment ready for the move. The movers are coming Friday to pack everything up! It’s a little surreal.

We’ve also managed to do very well with eating. We’ve been out to eat only three times in the past five days, which for us is an accomplishment. We went to the store yesterday and got lots of fresh produce and meat to make meals for ourselves and also to contribute to the all-church picnic on Sunday and also Fourth of July with his family. (Scotcharoos anyone??)

We went out yesterday morning for an easy 3-miler, and today we went for a 3-mile hike at one of our favorite parks. For once on “vacation” I don’t feel like I’ve been overeating the whole time. It’s nice that we both love healthy food (though are tempted by goodies!) and that we love being active. We’re excited for all the outdoorsy things to do in El Paso when it’s not 107 degrees!

I picked up this book at Target last week.. it’s amazingly written and gives wonderful insight to what life is like for our soldiers.

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