Eight years ago…

…we started dating. It was at the park, after a walk around the lagoon, something we did all the time.

I had to ask you, “So, am I officially taken then?” and you told me yes.

We said that if our relationship at any time was not headed for marriage, then we needed to break it off. Neither one of us were willing to date just to date.

Just short of five long years later, we got married. We made our mistakes, went through more long distance than we ever signed up for.. not knowing we had a long distance marriage ahead of us.

I think that night we already loved each other, and we knew.

We knew that we would have to go through tough times if it really was all worth it.

And oh my, it’s been worth it.

You lay next to me, sleeping, while I am awake contemplating this in this empty apartment.

Looking at your face right now and knowing that you’re mine, I’d say it’s all been more than worth it.

I love you, Aaron. Happy eight years.

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