Look, it’s sunny today!

And so was yesterday, and the day before that…

We have had some crazy weather, though, this week. A couple nights ago we were on our way to the outlet mall (um, yes please! Old Navy, Gap, Coach, Fossil, etc) and it started pouring. People immediately slow down to about 20 MPH on the highway. In Illinois, we’d think this is crazy. It’s just rain, right? Well, kind of. Here the oil is never washed off the roads, so the oil and water mix and it’s a perfect recipe for an accident, or hydroplaning. Thank goodness neither of those happened to us.

It was perfect weather at the outlet mall (on the west side of town) and on our way back, we witnessed some pretty cool views of the sky.

view from the outlet mall


I needed the sight of the rainbow… Wednesday was a tough day for me, in general. I needed a physical reminder that the Lord takes care of everything in His time, and that our marriage is to show HIS glory, not our own. It won’t always be easy. Sometimes I get a half-empty mentality and I think it’ll never be easy. But it all is worth it… the separation, adjustment to being together again, and whatever happens in the future.

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