On the road to contentment

This week, I decided to have a good week. And guess what? Though it’s gone by fast, it’s been good.

I just knew once we got into a routine here in Texas, things would be easier. Many adjustments, emotional and otherwise, have been made and it feels good to know that we are together every day. Some days I take it for granted, but then I remember the two years of being “single” and I give him an extra kiss. (I don’t think he minds.)

on our first date since his return.. a movie and MEXICAN!

I love my job. I love tutoring and working with kids in a small teacher-student ratio in general. It’s fun, and I love getting to know the kids more in depth than if you have six classes of 25. I like the hours I work. It’s not many right now, but I have a feeling once school starts up again and some of the other teachers go back to work, I might be able to work during the day doing testing or other things.

My job is a little bit of a drive, but if you live in one part of town and work in another, you can’t really get around it. You have Fort Bliss/Biggs to the east and the mountains to the west, so there’s bound to be some extra mileage sometimes. This weekend after payday, we’re going to look for another car that’s inexpensive but reliable for Aaron to drive. As it is now, I go back and forth to post two, sometimes three times a day.

I’ve worked out every morning except Monday this week while Aaron’s gone to PT (Monday we went after he got off work). I hate getting up so early, but I love getting my workout in, especially on days when I tutor in the afternoons. Monday I spent in the kitchen, making a roast, sweet potato casserole (YUM), and apple turnovers (DOUBLE YUM). We had one of my friends and her daughter over for dinner.. I love sharing meals with people!

I really got so much done this week… oil change and tire rotation, fingerprinting for teaching, going to the store, cooking dinner, laundry, baking… I love being able to be at home to get things done, and it’s nice when I get to meet up with Aaron for lunch occasionally.

Overall, I am glad I’m not working full-time. My life is just as fulfilling without all that extra money. Really. The Lord knows what we need, and all of our needs are supplied according to His riches in glory. By the way, if you’ve prayed, thank you. I have been sleeping better and my mom’s results came back peachy-keen!

Saturday morning we have a “faith and values” class at church… it’s basically a membership class, but they encourage all future volunteers to go through it. I think I’ve convinced Aaron to go on a long run with me Saturday evening… maybe 8 miles? Sunday, we’ll be having pizza with the Pastor after second service, to get to know him a little better.

Here’s to a fit and fun weekend!

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