August 8-14 Training

Aaron and I are signing up for an 8K that we’ll be racing on September 10. Other than that and my death march marathon happening at the end of March, I don’t have any other races on the schedule. However, I’m still trying to stick with the 3plus2 idea of Run Less, Run Faster and do three runs per week: hills/intervals, tempo and long with two days of cross-training/weight-lifting sandwiched in.

It allows me two rest days per week, which for me right now are Friday and Sunday. I don’t work on Fridays, so I like to have the day off of working out too so I can “sleep in” (until 7:30ish, haha).

I’ve been going to the gym in the morning because 1) Aaron goes on post for PT anyway, so then I can head to the FREE gym and 2) the sun is just too bright even at 7 AM!

Monday: 3-mile hill run on the treadmill in 37:00… it kicked my butt! Went up to 6%-8% incline. The quads were burning!

Tuesday: 30-min weights workout and 5.1 miles on the bike in 24:00. Felt good!

Wednesday: This was the day I was arguing with myself about even going to the gym.. but I did. 3-mile tempo run with 1-mi warm and 1-mi cool, and two walk breaks. 53:07.

Thursday: 30-min weights workout and 4.31 miles on the seated bike in 24:oo… took it easy.

Friday: rest… maybe some yoga.

Saturday: long run planned for tomorrow evening… 8 miles.

Sunday: rest.

Total mileage, with the long run: 25 miles.

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