Week 1: Half Marathon Training

So, even though I haven’t really felt  like running this week, I have been doing it. A little.

Monday: Off.. camping in Carlsbad!

Tuesday: 2 mi around the neighborhood

Wednesday: 7.55 miles on the bike at the gym

Thursday: a horrendous 3.5 mi run on the ‘mill… had to stop multiple times, and our gym doesn’t have large fans and so I just sweat without it evaporating. Yuck. And at 6:30 in the morning I’m one of the only civilians in the midst of sweaty soldiers.

Friday and Saturday: off

Sunday: 4.22 mi around the neighborhood with Aaron.. found a nicer part of this side of town to run in. Not that our block is gross or anything… we’re just on the border of an industrial part of town.

Total: 9.79 miles of running; 7.55 miles of cycling

That’s 10 more miles of running per week than what I was doing.

Slowly but surely I’ll get there!

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