Texas is our home now.

We’re on the cusp of fall, at least from what the calendar tells us, and I’m a little bummed out. I love fall in central Illinois… leaves changing, the air is crisper, you bring out the sweaters and scarves.

Here in El Paso, it’s almost 90 degrees for the high today. Leaves changing? The only changing they’re doing is being blown off the trees. Air becoming crisper? HA. Maybe when it’s a “chilly” 62 at night. (What is wrong with me?? 62 cold??)

Anyway. I love all the festivals. Last weekend in our hometown was their annual festival and it made me sad to not be there. All the other towns around will be having their festivals too, if they already haven’t. And then there’s the orchards… apple picking, pumpkin picking, pumpkin butter, hot cider…. siiiggghhhh.

My husband is right though, this is now our home. So we have to make it feel like home, despite what the thermometer says. So today I lit a big jar candle, turned on a fan, made some instant cappuccino, and called it fall. In  my own house. That’s legit, right?

Now that we’ve been here over two months, it is starting to feel like home. Our house looks, well, lived in. We have weeds growing in the yard (surprisingly, I know). We now have one car with Texas plates.

And I have to say, I kind of like it here. It’s not so bad. There’s plenty to do and see… we just haven’t gotten out to see everything yet. The summer here has to be filed in my mind like the winter in the Midwest. Don’t go outside for a long period of time if you don’t need to. Find things to do inside where it’s not so hot.

Columbus Day weekend, we both have a few days off. We plan on finding more things to do around here… maybe hit up a few museums, go to the zoo, or tackle McKelligon Canyon. No matter what we do, we’re home, and we’re together.

One thought on “Texas is our home now.

  1. Howdy: Found your blog via the Army Wives Forum… we were stationed at Fort Bliss for one year and I will be honest for us… we didnt like it at all(although the Lord blessed us with great neighbors and I had made a few friends) Our problem was being spoiled prior to that PCS move to bliss after living almost 8 years at Fort Carson Colorado…

    Your husband is right… It is your current place to call home so make the best of it… We ourselves are planning to move to Fort Drum NY after now living here at Fort Sill Ok .5.5 years… I vowed to my family that we would go to our new duty station with lots of grace, love and a welcoming attitude because after our stint at bliss left such a bad taste in our mouths I didnt want to see our attitudes reflect that anymore… I praise the Lord for showing me the error of the bad attitude I had and the result it left me physically even years later but He is forgiving is He not..

    Congrats to your newest move may it bring you lots of good memories and a bountiful of friends to help keep you from being “home sick”

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