Headed for Bataan

March 25, 2012 is not that far away.

Training for the Bataan Memorial Death March commences next week. I’m going to use Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 marathon training plan. It’s 18 weeks long, but starting next week will give us one extra week. We’re running a 5K turkey trot on Thanksgiving, so it doesn’t hurt to be a little more prepared for that.

From the way the schedule looks, we’ll be doing one of the longest runs (19 miles) while we’re back in Illinois visiting. It’ll be good because 1) the elevation is about 700 ft compared to almost 4000 here and 2) I trained in the Midwestern winter last year so I’ll know what to expect.

Aaron is going to join me for the runs, but he’s rucking it instead of just running. I fall into the “civilian light” category, and I think he’ll be in the “military heavy” category, which does the race with a 35-lb rucksack and full uniform. The only thing I’ll be carrying is my Camelbak.

This time around I will know how to be physically prepared for the challenges of long-distance running. It starts today with drinking lots and lots of fluids, taking my iron supplements, properly refueling after long runs (Aaron just ordered protein powder) and avoiding caffeine. I’m also going to be taking that vitamin supplement called Airborne. There are boxes of packets now in many generic brands. During the weeks with the highest mileage, I’ll take it twice a day. I did this last year during training and I didn’t get the flu once (knock on wood!).

On a slightly different note, yesterday my heart rate was all over the place and I had a hard time catching my breath. Just standing up or doing light chores it was around 115-120, which I sometimes don’t even hit on the stationary bike. When I’d sit down and rest, it wouldn’t fall below 72-80. During and after the marathon last year, my resting heart rate was sometimes as low as 48. I was a little concerned yesterday, but never felt my heart jump up suddenly. During my SVT episodes, it climbs to 145 or higher. I haven’t had one of those since we’ve been here!

So today, I’m avoiding caffeine, relaxing and trying to get over this congested feeling that’s come over me in the past 24 hours. I know my body, and I’ll feel congested for a day or two before a sinus infection or something similar really hits and then I’m down for the count. Ugh. Hoping that resting up today will prevent any sickness!

Looking at pictures from the Illinois Marathon makes me excited and motivated to start this training. I can’t believe it’s been a year since I ventured to Chicago to run my then-longest race of 9.3 miles… I’m thankful Aaron’s PT schedule has changed now so that we can run in the morning before he goes to work, and then he has regular PT in the afternoons.

Bring it on, Bataan!

2 thoughts on “Headed for Bataan

  1. Here’s to hoping the heart rate jumping around was just a fluke.

    I’ve been dying to run Bataan before I even know how long a marathon even WAS. That’s so awesome that Aaron is running it in the heavy division – very commendable. I keep wondering when our guys will switch over to afternoon PT, it’s SO cold in the morning, I can’t fathom doing anything in freezing temps. Blah.

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