I love days off.

It’s warmer here today, which definitely earns El Paso some cool points. I was freezing my poor butt off! My house is no longer -1783 degrees. Eh, I still love running in the cold… I love how my gloves and headband are frosty by the time I’m done, and I love the slight discomfort of the cold air in my lungs.

I didn’t have to work, which is always nice. Having days off during the week allows me some much needed “me” time and I’m able to get errands done. I went to the gym first thing after Aaron left for work. I biked 5.5 miles and then did a 2-mile interval workout. It. Felt. AMAZING. I ran anywhere from 1/10 – 1/4 of a mile, with a pace of at least 8:30/mile. My fastest was 7:30! Wow. I secretly, or maybe not so secretly, compete with the other gym goers, especially the soldiers. Love it when I’m running faster than they are!

After kicking some butt at the gym, I went for coffee with my friend Jess. I definitely enjoy peppermint mochas and good conversation. Thankful to have found friends here so quickly!

I came home and ran some errands. Yesterday I went to the doctor, finally, for these crazy headaches I’ve been having. Turns out they are migraines, and I was prescribed some medication (brand name Imitrex) for it that I take only when I need it. After reviewing my family and personal medical history, the doctor wanted to do an EKG. That was fine.

He referred me to a cardiologist/electrophysiologist here in El Paso. I’m still having palpitations every now and then, and have had dizziness even when sitting down. One day I noticed shortness of breath just while standing, and got my HR monitor. My HR was 120! Ridiculous just for standing. When resting it’s in the 50’s, only so low because of my running.

Anyway, the doctor recommended in his referral to get a Holter monitor, which will monitor my heart’s activities for a week or so. There are 24-hr ones, but there’s no guarantee it’d catch anything in that period of time. Even if there’s nothing seriously wrong, it doesn’t hurt to get this taken care of.

The doctor did say to cut back on my training until I see the cardiologist… which is a huge bummer. I do wear my HR monitor on my long runs. I have never felt better than when I run. And I think it makes sense, if I get this monitor, to go ahead and do a long run. My arrhythmia usually happens when I’m at rest. This weekend it happened when I was relaxing on the couch! What gives?? While I don’t want to go to the ER or anything for an arrhythmia that won’t resolve itself, I kind of hope it happens so they can catch it. Shrug. I’m actually thankful that I have the migraines; I may not have gone to the doctor otherwise.

After running errands and making phone calls, I spent the afternoon making spritz cookies for my students to put in their Christmas bag of goodies.

Snowflakes and Christmas trees!

Tonight I’m making this spinach/chicken/penne/cheese goodness in a casserole dish. Sounds yummy! I found it, like all good things, on Pinterest. This may sound sacrilegious, but I’d modify the verse James 1:17 to say “Every good and perfect gift comes from Pinterest”. Glad I’m home to make dinner tonight. I’m sure The Husband will appreciate it! [enter slacking meal-planner wife].

The rest of the weekend should be pretty restful… tomorrow I work only a few hours. Sunday we teach the junior high kids (they keep us on our toes!) and do our long run on Transmountain. Wish us luck! 😉

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