Bataan Training : Week 6

Total miles for week 6: 11.6 miles.

I did my long run on Tuesday, running around a good portion of the northeast. My average pace was 10:47, which is great for me for that long of a run!

I went against doctor’s orders by running that far.. he said for me to not run more than 2 miles at a time. I did have some minor chest pains last week, but no other symptoms. I had just a couple headaches. The migraine medicine could be causing other side effects, although the one I take is known to not affect people too much.

Sigh. Looking forward to my appointment with the cardiologist to figure out what all is going on. My goal is to get to the gym five days this week to ride the bike, do the elliptical, and some short interval/hill treadmill runs.

If Bataan doesn’t happen for me, I’ve already decided that I will be supportive and encouraging to Aaron, and sign up to volunteer for the race. If I am restricted to half marathons, that’s fine with me too.

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