Things I love as of late

I love Christmas. With my hot coffee and Ghiradelli chocolates (no calories, I promise! ;)) to keep me company this morning, it’s been a good time to think about all the things I love. So in no particular order:

  • The fact that this is our NINTH Christmas together. There have been so many that I can’t remember how we’ve spent them all!
  • I love that it’s just the two of us today. I’m making a full dinner and it’s nice and quiet with my Pandora station going. Better enjoy this now!
  • Pinterest. Pinterest is my bestest friend, well, besides Amelia. 😉 That site has saved my sanity when it comes to organizing all the inspiration. It’s definitely the most productive site EVAR.
  • Knitting. I love seeing the piece come together row after row. It’s amazing what one can do with yarn and a stick! Ha! I also love that I have so many people in my life who appreciate the work that goes into a handmade gift.
  • Long hair. I’ve pondered cutting it into a cute shoulder-length bob, but seriously, I’d hate myself and my husband for letting me cut it. I love being able to pull it into a ponytail or side braid. If it didn’t get boring, I’d do a side French braid every day of my life.
  • El Paso. We could be in worst places, like Death Valley, or Iowa. I feel like El Paso is a city that’s misunderstood. I heard in my mind tumbleweeds, miles and miles of nothing but blazing hot desert, and the sun. Lots of sun. But there are mountains, green-ish plants, SNOW (still rubbing this salt in the wound of the Midwest), beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The elevation here really makes all the difference. (FYI: the only time I’ve seen a tumbleweed was in Oklahoma or New Mexico on the drive here.) But seriously, we’re a day’s drive from the Pacific, from the Rockies, and from the Gulf.  Like they say, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.” Five months in and we aren’t sick of it yet! So, come visit us already!
  • The new journal and pens Aaron got me for Christmas. I’ve been journaling since I was six years old, thanks to my first-grade teacher Mrs. Larson. She’s the best. I use my journal for prayers, thoughts, lists (duh!) and sermon notes.
  • Fabric and sewing. Ahhh. I love the sound of the sewing machine; it’s therapeutic. It’s really cool to look around my house and see all the things that have been handmade either by me or someone I know and love. Much of the fabric I have still smells like my grandparents’ farmhouse.
  • Traditions. Chili on Christmas Eve. Opening gifts in some sort of order. Handmade decorations.
  • This ring. Most days I wish we wouldn’t have bought my sapphire engagement ring on a credit card (doh!) and just have gone with a simple ring like this. It’s a wonder I haven’t lost or knocked the stone out already.
  • Piano music. Like, good piano music. I really really miss my piano, but I know she’s safe in my cousin’s house in Illinois.
  • Babies. Though I don’t have any of these yet, they’re cute. And cuddly… and… poopy. And speaking of babies….
  • Jesus. I think it’s pretty awesome how humbly He came into the world, and how victoriously He left it.

Have a lovely Christmas! We will!


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