Race schedule bandwagon

I couldn’t help but be motivated by all my running blogger friends who are posting about their 2012 race schedules. I have also been inspired to keep an actual running journal, though I will use the journal I have for more than just running. I want it to record so many things from 2012… feelings, poems (maybe??), thoughts, prayers, Bible verses and sermon notes.


This is what I found for races. (Just so you know, the cardiologist has not yet given me a mileage limit…) You know my whole thing about sticking to “shorter” distances (i.e. <13.1 miles)? Ehhh. I might be throwing that out.

Jan 14 — Ft. Bliss Half Marathon — This one was only $30. It’s in two weeks and will be more like a long run than a race. My goal is 2:30, which is 11:27 pace. I haven’t run a distance longer than 2 or 3 miles since December 13.

March 17 — St. Patty’s Day 6-Miler — This is on post. Love race distances between 8K and 15K.

March 25 — Bataan Memorial Death March — Due to finances and my lack of running recently, I’m gonna sit this one out. Aaron’s still planning on rucking it, but I’d like to volunteer.

April 21 — New Mexico/Texas Challenge Marathon/Half Marathon/10K/5K (Lovington/Hobbs, NM) — This is only $15! (Or thereabouts.. that’s what it was last year.) This is the day before my 26th birthday. We can go camping and make a weekend out of it. Aaron said he’d go with me and volunteer.

Sept 3 — Saguaro National Park Labor Day 8-Miler (Tucson, AZ) — Looks like a fun race! Love the distance, plus I LOVE Tucson and Arizona.

I checked out the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon… $125+ per person!! That’s ridiculous, in my opinion. We’re definitely sticking to cheaper races. This calendar isn’t complete.. I haven’t added the on-post races we might do. I definitely want to add in a 5K somewhere to see if I can PR (gotta beat 27:56 for that to happen).

Here’s to a healthy and happy New Year!


2012 Events

We go “home” to Illinois in February for a visit.

I turn 26 in April.

We celebrate four years of marriage in June.

We celebrate nine years of togetherness in July.

We have four years left being a military family.

I will [hopefully] start my graduate program this summer or fall.

We might face a deployment this fall. Or maybe not at all.

2012 Goals

Stay healthy and get fit.

Worry less, pray more.

Enjoy the little things in life.

Step out in faith in (or out of…) my job/career.

Seek out missions opportunities in our city.

Be creative and crafty.