Race schedule bandwagon

I couldn’t help but be motivated by all my running blogger friends who are posting about their 2012 race schedules. I have also been inspired to keep an actual running journal, though I will use the journal I have for more than just running. I want it to record so many things from 2012… feelings, poems (maybe??), thoughts, prayers, Bible verses and sermon notes.


This is what I found for races. (Just so you know, the cardiologist has not yet given me a mileage limit…) You know my whole thing about sticking to “shorter” distances (i.e. <13.1 miles)? Ehhh. I might be throwing that out.

Jan 14 — Ft. Bliss Half Marathon — This one was only $30. It’s in two weeks and will be more like a long run than a race. My goal is 2:30, which is 11:27 pace. I haven’t run a distance longer than 2 or 3 miles since December 13.

March 17 — St. Patty’s Day 6-Miler — This is on post. Love race distances between 8K and 15K.

March 25 — Bataan Memorial Death March — Due to finances and my lack of running recently, I’m gonna sit this one out. Aaron’s still planning on rucking it, but I’d like to volunteer.

April 21 — New Mexico/Texas Challenge Marathon/Half Marathon/10K/5K (Lovington/Hobbs, NM) — This is only $15! (Or thereabouts.. that’s what it was last year.) This is the day before my 26th birthday. We can go camping and make a weekend out of it. Aaron said he’d go with me and volunteer.

Sept 3 — Saguaro National Park Labor Day 8-Miler (Tucson, AZ) — Looks like a fun race! Love the distance, plus I LOVE Tucson and Arizona.

I checked out the Rock n Roll San Diego Half Marathon… $125+ per person!! That’s ridiculous, in my opinion. We’re definitely sticking to cheaper races. This calendar isn’t complete.. I haven’t added the on-post races we might do. I definitely want to add in a 5K somewhere to see if I can PR (gotta beat 27:56 for that to happen).

Here’s to a healthy and happy New Year!

One thought on “Race schedule bandwagon

  1. Oh no!! Sad to hear about Bataan 😦 But you’re being smart, and at least you’re volunteering!! There’s always next year 😉 You’ll beat that 5k PR for sure, I don’t doubt that for a second. Rock’n’Roll races are crazy expensive… no thanks.

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