Going “home”

We will be in the Midwest one week from today! I’ve kind of made this a big deal on Facebook and Twitter, but bear with me. It’s the first time I’ve ever lived away from family and I haven’t seen them since July. Mr. Rand, well, I haven’t even met him yet, unless it counts that I knew him while in utero. 🙂

I’m happy that the weather looks good for traveling. We’ll be flying Southwest from El Paso to Dallas to St. Louis, where my parents and one of my sisters will be picking us up. In true Daddy style, he texted me (never ever EVER thought I’d say “Daddy” and “text” in the same sentence!) and asked me if he’s gonna have to bring a semi to haul all our stuff. I’m rolling my eyes because of course he’s not going to have to bring a semi. Haha. When I told him that, he replied with “lmao”. Really, Daddy? Really? How does he even know what “lmao” means?? 😉

After this past week, which was pretty awful, I’m looking forward to relaxing with friends and family. My littlest sister Leah had hip surgery for the second time on Wednesday, and they had to go to Chicago for that. (We’re from 3 hours south of Chicago.) It was outpatient, but my whole family was on edge that day. She was in a horrible car accident two years ago and had a hip surgery then… memories. Ugh. But, she seems to be doing well and is starting physical therapy very soon, which is something she didn’t have with the last one. Looking forward to seeing her! It’s hard to be away for things like that.

We have limited time, unfortunately. We had originally planned to come home the 6th, but we thought it was in our better financial interests for me to work one more week and then fly home the 11th. I’m glad we decided that! We’ll have some spending money, but we definitely can’t be going out to eat 24/7. And we will be borrowing a car from my in-laws (where we’re staying) so we won’t be able to drive all over creation.

We have a lot of family to visit… my grandparents and great-grandparents, his grandparents, our siblings, our parents, and anyone else who wants to see us or have us over. We’re spending a few days in Chicagoland with Aaron’s oldest brother Bruce and his family. I have to get as much of Rand as I can since the next time I see him he’ll probably be over a year old! It’s kind of stinky to be away from our nieces and nephews.. actually, a lot stinky.

Besides Joel, who’s 12, I’ve been there to see them grow up and never went more than a couple months between seeing them. Rand and Lena have a busy weekend as Lena’s 4th birthday party is the 18th and Rand’s baptism is the 19th. Lena’s birthday really isn’t until the 21st, but I’m so thankful that Bruce and Katie have made the effort to make sure we can be there! That really means a lot to us.

I have yet to pack, and I’m hoping the weather stays mild. 45* in Illinois HAS to feel warmer than 45* in Texas, right? I’m excited to run at 700 ft above sea level as opposed to 4,000. I can’t wait to go to Coal Miner’s Park, and Forest Park, and Grandview Drive. I miss the river. Seriously. And bridges that don’t lead to foreign countries. 😉

So now, I’m going to go enjoy the Midwestern meal I’m indulging in tonight of homemade chicken nuggest, oven-baked potato wedges and cornbread. We’ll see you all soon!


2 thoughts on “Going “home”

  1. This is so beautiful. I can’t wait for you to get home. I know you have been yearning for it. I hope you have an amazing time lady. You guys deserve this for sure.

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