Pink and silver cowboy hats

I like to keep my cowgirl adventures separate from the rest of my blog… it’s just more fun that way.

This week was pretty uneventful, as I had the kids on Monday but we didn’t get to do much.

I forgot to tell y’all (seeeeee that?? y’all) that I met A’s other two pigs. Remember Gibbs? He’s (she???) the one who’s black and white and cute all over. Well, the OTHER ones are named Peanut, which I think is the white one, and Achmed, which is a reddish color, I think. He named them after Jeff Dunham characters. Nice. You know what I’m thinking? That three pigs means a LOT of bacon. Like, a TON.

Yesterday H and I played Country Dance on the Wii. Now, for being a “city girl” (I swear, no matter how much I try to fit in, these kids will always dub me the city girl) I know my country music pretty well. At least the country music that’s sort of rock and pop, too. No super twangy stuff for me. My dad might disown me….. (Y’all, my concerts growing up were John Mellencamp, Def Leppard, Styx and REO Speedwagon.)

Anyway, we played Country Dance and I tell ya that that little girl beat my butt! She even let me wear her bright pink cowboy hat with silver trim… I felt so cowgirl badass.

Then A gave us his “guns” that he fashioned from narrow PVC pipes and camo duct tape. Yes, CAMO. We played “Army” and H and I were on a team and totally won, though A wouldn’t admit it. Silly boys. I did well, again, for a “city girl” who was never even allowed to play with water guns. (One time at my grandma’s, my cousin had rubber band guns and we played “Commando” or some such…)

I still need to get me some boots……. and maybe a hat…

An afterthought: I was thinking yet again about how I gave up a full-time job in education and should I have done that, blah blah blah (a resounding YES comes to mind) and then I was thinking about how it’s important in life to see what really matters, and to grab hold of those unique opportunities. I mean seriously. Who gets to be a nanny for kids who live on a ranch with horses in southern New Mexico??? Yeah.

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