Ropin’ steers

You think I’m joking??

This was our project for today. A would “ride” the “horse” (aka wagon + cooler + saddle he was NOT supposed to be using for this), H would be the steer, and I got to drive the “tractor”.

Except I’ve never driven a tractor, unless you count me steering the little John Deere while my grandpa drove it down the quarter mile lane leading to the farmhouse. (I know there’s a picture somewhere….)

And this was no ordinary tractor, nope. It was really a riding lawnmower. Erm. Never driven one of those either. I barely know what a clutch is, thanks to my husband for teaching me how to drive the stick-shift car we no longer have. And I drove that thing about 20 miles total.

I asked A if he realized I was almost six feet tall… I mean, my knees were about touching my face! I was the most unpredictable tractor-driving city girl there ever was. But we had fun, even if this whole contraption was slightly unsafe.

So we drove over to Grandma and Grandpa’s to check on the pigs. Remember Gibbs, Achmed and Peanut? I really need to take a picture. They’re getting big, which means only one thing.

Bacon. 🙂

In reality, I don’t even know if we were supposed to do this today, but A had this all rigged up before today.

Then H and I waited and talked about girly stuff.. mainly it was me asking if I could fix her hair because her ponytail was all falling out, and then she looked at me right in the eye and asked me, “Are you city?” I tell ya, I will have that pretty long blonde hair in French braids by the end of the summer.

I will also be a lean mean riding lawnmower driver, too. So mean.

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