Run Streak Week 1

Ok, dudes. I’ve been streaking every single day this week. Sounds like fun, right?

I love this Runner’s World Run Streak challenge.. run at least one mile every day starting Memorial Day and ending July 4th. I signed up for a 5K on July 4th before I knew I’d be doing the streak.

I ran 21 miles this week. During marathon training, that was an average week, if not a bit on the low side. However, I haven’t ran that many miles in a week since Bataan… and at Bataan I only ran 8 out of 26.2. So yeah. I’d say this is good! I’ve been trying not to sabotage my good athletic efforts with horrible eating habits. I’ve been tracking my  food and not doing too badly. According to SparkPeople, I’ve burned more than my prescribed calories for the week, which was 2250. I burned closer to 2400!

Monday (Memorial Day): 5 miles with Aaron on post for wear blue : run to remember.

Tuesday: 3 miles on a paved trail before the sun came up over the mountains. I call that nirvana.

Wednesday: 800m repeats with Jess… oy. That was tough. My goal was to keep my pace while running above 9:00 min/mi.

Thursday: 1 mile with Missy around the neighborhood.

Friday: 2-miler with Missy around the neighborhood. This dog likes running! She always has a smile on her face after we get home. Or maybe that’s just because it’s as hot as an oven outside and she’s trying to get cool. haha.

Saturday: 5-mile canyon run. I hadn’t run the canyon in AGES. Well, a few months. I’m proud of myself for getting my arse out there and doing a “long” run by myself and in the morning! I absolutely LOVE coming down that mountain! It’s around 900 ft of pure bliss on the descent. At one point I glanced at the Garmin and saw 7:30 as my pace… whoa. Just whoa. I NEVER run that fast. Except when I’m a human bullet coming down a mountain…. I ran in the Minimus, too, which means my calves are sore today! Overall I LOVE the “minimalist” shoe. It’s comfortable and more natural feeling. Whenever I run in my Brooks (don’t shoot me.. I know they’re old!) they feel so heavy. Once I wear out the Minimus, I might go for a pair of Merrell Road Gloves….

Sunday (today): One mile around the neighborhood with Missy. It’s a win-win for us… I get in my Run Streak and Missy gets in a little more exercise. Makes my life easier all the way around.

I’m so thankful to have my running mojo back! Lately I’ve been really pining for some corn fields, country roads, and GREEN…. not to mention all my old running routes. It’s funny, whenever I’m in that last mile of a run, or last half mile, or even last .1 mile, I still imagine myself running on University in Peoria. It wasn’t the prettiest sight, the run back to my apartment, but I did it so often and achieved so much on that mundane route that I remember it very well. 🙂

I tell ya what, I’m gonna run like a freakin’ BEAST in the Morton Pumpkin Festival 10K in September… if I can get it together mentally to run at 4,000 ft in 90 degree weather, I can run anywhere!

Almost a year

July 8th will be a year since we moved to El Paso. I can’t believe everything that’s transpired in a year….

We rented our first house. It still doesn’t feel 100% like home. Maybe it’s because the furniture doesn’t match, or that the carpet is an awful poop brown color. Maybe we’re just still settling in. I’m glad we decided to not go with an apartment. While I’d prefer to live on the west side or even in NM, this house’ll do for awhile. [[JULY]]

We found Harvest! I love being a part of such a vibrant and diverse body of believers. We found a small group and it’s been a godsend! [[JULY]]

We bought our first car with cash money. Straight up. We ended up owning Aaron’s first car, and we own mine now, but the Honda we have now was our first automobile purchase sans financing. Of course… we have put some cash into it… [[AUGUST]]

We bought our first washer/dryer set, on Craigslist. I love that site. [[AUGUST]]

Our nephew was born! [[OCTOBER]]

We started teaching the junior high students at church. It was tough at first, earning their trust, but we really enjoy this age and our funny conversations with them. [[OCTOBER]]

We ran our first half-marathon.  [[JANUARY]]

We went “home” and spent two whole weeks together with no work. I’m visiting again in September for Megan’s wedding and needless to say I’ve had a hankering for corn fields and thunderstorms! Sometimes I get so homesick it hurts. I know, I know, I said I’d love living far away for once, in a new place. Yes, it’s great, but I have a love/hate relationship with El Paso. One day I’m cursing the heat and dust and the next I’m enamored by the mountains and sunsets. [[FEBRUARY]]

We adopted Missy. She’s taught us patience, perseverance, and unconditional love. She’s a great companion when Aaron’s gone, though a cover-stealer. (Guess I know what it feels like now!) I’m more of a dog person than I ever imagined. [[MARCH]]

We did Bataan. One word: Epic. [[MARCH]]

I’ve worked two different jobs, in two different states. In the four years since I graduated Bradley, I’ve had five jobs. Hellloooooo resume killer. I never would have expected that from myself, but you know what? I’m happy where I’m at now and for once not going crazy perusing school district websites and I haven’t felt that way since Midland. I really loved my job at Tremont, but it was obvious that I wasn’t going to be there longer than last summer. [[MARCH/APRIL]]

My littlest sister got married! [[APRIL]]

I started some grad classes. I’m glad I didn’t commit to a full Master’s degree; I’ve learned just from the few weeks I’ve been taking these ESL/linguistics classes that I have no interest in becoming an expert in linguistics. I mean, what purpose does it serve? Sure, I learn some grammar, and stuff, but  how does that really help people? These 12 hours of grad-level courses will be enough for me, I think, and help me in a future career. [[MAY]]

Well, this hasn’t happened yet, but MY BESTIE IS COMING TO VISIT!!!! Yay! My first visitor! My first real chance to show the Midwest that El Paso doesn’t suck (usually)! [[JUNE]]

So…. who knows what this next year will hold? I’ve learned to just let go of any worry about when/if we’ll move somewhere else. It could definitely happen, but no telling when. There are days when I want to get out of here so badly, and others where I wish we could stay until 2016, and some days, beyond that.

I’d say this year has been more good things than bad, for sure. I have to say the best part is the “we…..” 🙂