The honeymoon is over

So…. we’ve been here for over a year. I’m pretty sure I’ve rehashed that fact on my blog and Facebook about a million times. It’s been a crazy year. I’m one who gets bored easily; why else do you think I need to have multiple WIPs? (works in progress [knitting/crochet]). I’m always searching for a new experience, and now that we’re good and settled in El Paso, I wonder what else is out there.

On our list for duty stations were Fort Lewis (WA), Fort Carson (CO) and Fort Huachuca (AZ, where Aaron went for job training). Obviously we didn’t get any of those. Not going to lie; I cried when I first heard that he got orders here.

However, we had the attitude that we would enjoy anywhere we’re placed and make the most of it, especially since we’d been apart for two years.

The truth is, I like it here. The summer heat doesn’t feel so hot this summer, not only because we are more used to it, but because our swamp cooler works this time around! It’s nice having things settled in our house instead of an empty house except a sewing machine and a cooler.

I take for granted that we’ve settled into relationships with some great people. I forget how stressful it is not knowing who your “go-to” people are… how awkward first-time meetings can be… if the person will turn out to be a good friend or just an acquaintance. And how about those new running routes? And even just figuring out the right gate to go into on post or which highway to take?

Generally I enjoy the things to do around El Paso. It just takes 20+ minutes to get places. We’ve thought about checking out places to live on the west side, because church is over there and we like that area of town better. But, our house is great for the price, we’re close to post (and I go there for the FREE gym, Starbucks dates, etc) and we’re close enough to all parts of town.

It’s safe to say my “honeymoon” with El Paso is over. Life is slowing down a little bit compared to the last year, and that’s totally fine! It’s good to enjoy life day-to-day. Aaron’s really getting into a groove at work.  It’s good to keep building relationships with our friends and church family here. I love the family I work for. It will be painful to move, and who knows how long we’ll be here.

We just shouldn’t force anything. We’ve been placed in El Paso/Ft Bliss for a reason. There’s so much more to explore! I have family only 12 hours away in California. Colorado is only 8 hours away. We’re going to Albuquerque for Columbus Day weekend for the Balloon Fiesta. I’d like to get over to San Antonio sometime. I want to stay in a B&B in Cloudcroft or Ruidoso… maybe we can even SKI?! (For the record, I am IN LOVE with New Mexico.)

And the best part about El Paso? Dunkin Donuts on Dyer is up and running again! 😉 It burned down late last summer and it’s FINALLY back in business. Woohoo!

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