Rain turtles

Ahhh. “Monsoon” season (yes, the quotation marks are necessary) is great in El Paso. It means highs around 95 with a decent chance of rain or at least clouds every day. Believe me, there IS a difference between 95 and 100.


Swamp coolers aren’t as efficient when it’s humid, which is why 95 is better than 100. Believe me. We’ve had some rumbles of thunder now and then, but today we actually got caught in the rain (!!!!!!) during our evening walk with Missy. It was awesome. It may or may not have something to do with the rain turtles we drew in our front yard… his idea, not mine.



The only problem with the rain is when you actually have to drive on the road with other people driving on the road… it’s like they live in a place with less than 10 inches of rain per year or something… and there are no gutters or storm drains.

I love the panoramic views of the clouds over the mountains, especially from “work”. The kids go back to school next week, and so I only have one more full day with them. Here recently I’ve been herding pigs and actually, one of them stepped on my foot! Ouch! I REALLY need some boots now!


I can’t wait for fall. Even here in the desert it’s still my favorite season. Last year I remember pretending it was all rainy and cool outside and made myself hot tea at 2pm when it was actually probably 98* with cloudless skies. Oh well.

My super busy summer is about to come to an end here soon and I couldn’t be happier. I am almost done with these classes and have to say I haven’t learned hardly anything about teaching ESL. I’m so glad I’m not committed to a graduate program in linguistics… ugh. How does the study of grammar help in the real world? Like really help people?

Aaron leaves again soon for another month away, this time practically in Death Valley. Poor guy. I’ll be back to cuddling with Missy at night, even though she’s a bed hog. We’re both bed hogs so that must make us incompatible in a way, right? But she’s cute and warm and will probably rip your head off if you break in, so…. ya know.

Watch it. She’s on alert.


 She might even give you the “I’m the undead pretending like I’m dead but I’m really not” look.


 Just….. be on the lookout, is all I’m sayin’. And my dear friends and family in the Midwest: go draw some rain turtles.

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