I love watching the Olympics. Honestly, I felt pretty indifferent at first but it’s definitely the most exciting thing on television as we don’t have cable.

For the past couple nights I’ve been watching gymnastics and swimming. When I was little, I loved watching gymnastics. The girls look so graceful, even when they’re under such physical and emotional pressure.

I’m older now, and I’m simply in awe of all the events. Of course, since I’m more athletic now, I’m much more aware of what physically has to happen with these athletes in training and in their diets. I love watching all these ordinary people, who started off stumbling and bumbling as much as the next person, being rewarded for all of their hard work, dedication, and perseverance. You don’t get to the Olympics by giving 99%, or 100%. You get there by giving 150%.

These athletes are so fit, so dedicated to their sport. It’s inspiring to me as I’m getting back to a fitness routine that incorporates more core workouts and strength training.

I’m into my second week, and it’s been going pretty well. I’ve decided to not worry about weight.. as I build muscle my weight may not go down a whole lot. It’s not like I still have 30+ of fat to lose; I’m only ten pounds above my ideal weight. I really want to focus on how I feel, what I can do, and how my clothes fit…. and some muscle definition wouldn’t be bad either!

I’ve been doing 3 days per week each of Blogilates videos and cardio. It’s working out well, because even just 20 minutes of videos and I’m feeling it now and two days later! It involves no weights or equipment, just a lot of Pilates moves and modifications and using one’s own body weight. Cardio is going well, too, and I’ll do 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 on the treadmill. I’ve found lately that having a time goal works well for me.

I have a goal in mind for each workout, whether it’s to not skip out on any reps, to maintain a certain heart rate, or to run a mile in 8:20 or less. I’ve been getting so much more out of my workouts, and feeling the burn! That’s the best part, because it’s proof that I’m getting it done.

As far as fuel is concerned, I’ve felt a degree of success these last couple days. I’m actually feeling satisfied by healthy foods, instead of feeling like I just have to have something else. I have a major sweet tooth, so the trick for me is to make a healthier version of what I love (I made this chocolate chip cookie dough dip tonight). For dinner I had a tortilla pizza and a huge bowl of fruit. I got to eat all of it and not feel guilty!

The only person I’m comparing myself to is myself. I can see in the mirror the fit and toned person I can be; it’s just a matter of doing the work. Last week I got my sweat on five days in a row without even thinking about it! Before I knew it it was time for a rest day.

This routine is compatible with the hot weather. I can do the YouTube videos at home, and the cardio ones in the gym. Maybe when it gets cooler I’ll start training outside again….

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