To run or not to run

Maybe I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, but running just hasn’t felt like my thang recently. I like to run, but when I don’t, I don’t necessarily miss it. Since we’ve moved to El Paso, I haven’t really successfully trained for a race besides the Fourth of July 5K, and that was because I was doing the run streak.

This week has been busy. Four days in a row I didn’t get home until 9:00 or later, which made my days more than 12 hours long. Who wants to run before or after that? Not me. Then, I started to feel super tired and possibly sick, so I’ve been taking it easy and sleeping a lot this weekend.

I’m glad I’ve run one marathon; I can cross that off my “before-30” list. I’ll do more races for fun, shorter ones of course, but honestly the thought of committing to another long distance race does not appeal to me. At all. Honestly. The only reason I would commit right now is because of the accolades I get after it’s said and done. And that’s not motivation enough for me to commit to the training.

When Aaron gets back from this TDY, he’ll be on reverse-cycle PT, which means that they report an hour earlier for work and get out an hour earlier to do PT in the afternoon. I prefer that schedule, because then we are able to work out together in the morning, and he has to take only one trip onto post daily. Maybe I’ll run more after he gets back…

I always put too much pressure on myself and commit to too much. What would happen if I stop putting so much pressure on myself to run/train/eat right/improve my body and just live? I mean, it has worked for me before and I didn’t gain a bunch of weight back then. I would obviously still eat well and go to the gym.

I enjoy taking Missy for walks in the morning. She’s come to expect it; in fact, I’ve taken her every single morning for the last few weeks. I enjoy different forms of cardio besides running; I love the spin bike, and the stairstepper. I also love doing Blogilates videos and yoga at home.

Maybe training for a running a marathon was for a specific season in my life, and now that that season is over, I can concentrate on different things… Many times in my life I will set my mind on accomplishing something once, and then trying something new; in other areas of life I become a creature of habit. For example, I don’t like going on vacation or traveling to the same place more than once, unless there’s more to see that I didn’t see the first time around. But, I’ll go to the same restaurant multiple times and order the exact same thing.

Who knows. Maybe I’m looking for that next big thing to accomplish, like standing on my head, or a six-pack. Ha. Hahaha. We will see about that.

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