He is mine, and I am His.

The more I know Him, the more I want to know Him.

The more I love Him, the more I want to love Him.

It seems impossible that my heart can continue expanding in order to contain more love, and yet I know my love will never match the weight of His sacrifice.

I am utterly overwhelmed by His presence, in which He searches every anxious thought, every worry, every fleeting feeling of joy. Every sin, every mistake, down to every cell.

He renews me day by day, restores me even beyond where I was before. He makes me new, but I’m still me.

His love is absolutely indescribable; if it were able to be embodied in mere words, there would not be a person left lost on this Earth. Taste and see that the Lord is good. His mercies endure forever.

The darkness of the night overcomes my soul, I feel weary, hopeless. Ready to give up.

The sun rises on a new day, on another chance to redeem these aching bones, dry from laboring in the desert.

He is perfectly good, perfectly just, perfectly compassionate, a perfect Father. There is no one like Him.

His ways are higher than mine, higher than the tallest mountain. His thoughts are so far above me, swirling in the clouds and perfect blue sky above and below me in the depths of the ocean.

I am again reminded that I am only a piece of creation, but not just a piece of creation. I am His Created One, special, I have a purpose, I am worthy of His love. Not by anything I can ever gain or merit, but by His sacrifice alone.

None of this makes sense. It all sounds crazy. Who would do that? Who would have the audacity and tenacity to declare undying love when we clearly could never earn it. Even the largest, strongest, most valiant army could never fight for His love and win the battle.

We can’t win the battle. We can’t even imagine to try.

This all defies logic, time, space, physics, common sense, earthly laws.

In His presence is the only place I can feel completely undone yet completely satisfied. It is literally heaven on earth.

His love is light that pierces every shadow of darkness and leaves nothing undiscovered. His love tears me up in the best way possible. It removes every blemish, stain, and premeditated sin to reveal a perfect and blameless soul, one that He will accept.

His love tears me up, and then puts me back together.

He is mine, and I am His.

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