Day 2 | Journey


We’ve never arrived. We’re never done. We reach many stages in life where we’ve thought leading up to it, “If I only reach that particular thing, I’m good. I’m done.” And it’s just not true.

I think that type of thinking leads to discontent and anxiety. We have expectations for every portion of our life, and when something doesn’t go the way we planned, we are disappointed. Who says life will be like it was for our grandparents? Our parents? Our siblings?

Our expectations for our life journey are centered around our culture, and that can be a dangerous thing for the Christian life. God has no culture, He embodies no nationality, He is eternal and transcends even the Earth.

We attribute things to Him that He may not have touched or ordained, and we do this based on our cultural influences. To give a personal example, and because this is what I’m working through right now, I’ve had many dreams about what I thought were my children. I’ve seen their faces, their hair, their eyes, and I’ve had names for them for years.

We have not yet conceived one of these children, nor both, and for a long time I was distraught because I attributed those dreams about my kids to something God was trying to show me. Who am I to try to discern which dream is His and which is from my mind? I was overspiritualizing something that maybe was not spiritual at all.

And that’s why on this journey, we have to cling to the Word, to the vetted and eternal promises of God.

Readings for today:

One thought on “Day 2 | Journey

  1. You are absolutely right in those thoughts and feelings creating anxiety. Too often we are wrapped up in this never ending cycle and we don’t stop to smell the roses. ❤

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