Breaking News: “Top Nine” Doesn’t Capture Most Important Moments

I use Instagram fairly regularly, probably with more regularity now that I have opted out of Facebook. I know, I know, Instagram is owned by Facebook blah blah blah. Everyone's been posting their "Top Nine" recently - the most liked photos in their feeds. Once again, social media panders and quite frankly takes advantage of … Continue reading Breaking News: “Top Nine” Doesn’t Capture Most Important Moments


We are in the fifth week of the semester already. This week has been crazy! It's not that things I do are particularly challenging; it's that every couple hours I'm starting something different. I practically live in Liberal Arts building. But I love this program. This week I taught a class in preparation to teach … Continue reading Busy.

April 25

This is my first post as a 26-year-old! Somehow the birthdays lost their ring after 21.... However, my 26th birthday brought me this lovely piece from Aaron... And a totally awesome hair day... This won't happen again until maybe Christmas or something. I've logged 11 miles this week so far! I took Missy to McKelligon … Continue reading April 25