I’m loving this place.

And so is he…

handsum kitteh.

Luthor was quite lethargic for the first week we were in the house. Rightfully so, since it doesn’t get below 80-85° during the day with the swamp cooler. A couple days ago, he became much more active.

Our House.

Friday we finally received our household goods. I was, however, very disappointed that my mirror was broken, and not just cracked. Broken. It was from my grandparents, which they had received for their wedding in 1952. I about cried when the movers unwrapped it. We had a few other damages as well, but nothing that can’t be fixed. I was bummed about the mirror for most of the day, and then I snapped out of it. We have so many nice things that people have just given to us. Seriously, we wouldn’t have any furniture if people hadn’t been so generous.

The house is slowly coming together… you can check out pictures here. I am in love with the kitchen.. it’s big, airy and has the perfect mix of antiques, florals, and modern technology (i.e. my KitchenAid mixer!). We haven’t gone out to eat since last Monday for Aaron’s (27th) birthday.

Today I got the rest of my clothes unpacked and into the closet and dresser. The only rooms we have to finish are the living room, office and spare room. Aaron gets all of his things from Korea tomorrow, so he’ll be able to set up his desktop in the office. I will refrain from posting pictures until everything else is done. 🙂

This weekend has been both productive and relaxing. Aaron dumped out our recycling bin, which had a ton of garbage and naaasssty water and gunk. Seriously, how hard is it to put trash in the, ya know, trash can?! YUCK. Now we can use our recycling can.

As you know if you’ve been a reader for long (or just for this entry…) that my writing tends to be verbose. Here’s a bulleted list of things I love so far about El Paso…

  • The weather. The heat really isn’t so bad, and July is the hottest month. I love having close to no humidity.
  • The blend of cultures. You hear a mix of English and Spanish everywhere.
  • Our church. Spirit-filled, vibrant, and led by an awesome pastor. We have been blessed to have had three churches like this (First Assembly, Stone Creek and Faith).
  • Running at night. I might have done this in Peoria if Aaron had been with me. We went last night, unplanned, at dusk and got some amazing views of the storms and lightning on the mountains!
  • Living with my husband. ‘Nuff said. It’s so rewarding to be a wife of a godly man.

This is Life.

I guess, all in all, I feel like this is what life is supposed to be like. Do you ever have those moments when you feel all of a sudden intensely happy? I had one of those this afternoon… I realize all the blessings I’ve been given, including my husband and our situation. Life doesn’t always make me want to jump up and down with happiness, but I am thankful for everything we go through.

Being Challenged.

The past few weeks, Pastor Lee has been talking about becoming desperate for the divine, taking up our crosses, and following Jesus. I’d like to think I’ve been doing that, but when I worry about jobs and money and deployments and… this earthly stuff… my trust wanes, and I become anxious and irritable. This, friends, is not what God intends for us.

I am going to really try to evaluate things in my life that matter for eternity’s sake, and things that don’t. It’s challenging, and I challenge you to do it as well.

Well, it’s a dry heat.

Really. The heat isn’t that bad. We’ve been in El Paso for about two hours… and it’s not so awful. At least not humid! Oklahoma was waaayy worse.

We have been up the last two mornings to work out… go us! Before we left for El Paso this morning, we also went to the botanical gardens in Albuquerque. Very pretty.

We got to our hotel, right off I-10, and got settled in our room. It’s a nice room with a microwave and fridge, and good thing because we don’t know how long we’ll be staying here. We already have a few appointments to see houses over the next few days. We drove past one today and it was in the ghe-ttttt-o. Well, what I perceived to be the ghetto. Just not a very safe-looking place. I hope not all of El Paso is like this.

We can literally see Mexico from the view in our hotel room. We saw exits for Juarez, and lots of Mexican license plates. Being a Spanish major, this was fascinating to me. I’ve never been to Mexico. I know, I know, bad bad Spanish teacher. (Honestly, I’m not sure if we’re even allowed to go right now because of the military.)

We’re sitting at about 4,000 feet and it’s really not all desert-ish. There are trees and a little grass… the Rio Grande is, like, right there. We actually crossed it a couple times today on our way from Albuquerque.

I had a little freak-out this morning… or maybe I’ve  had a lot of little freak-outs over the span of our trip. I’m in a new place, and know virtually no one except my husband and a couple Army wives. So many people are fluent in English and Spanish, and I’m the gringa from up North who doesn’t remember slang from my first semester at Bradley….

All these doubts and fears could really run me over and cause so much anxiety, but I just have to go with the flow. I won’t know where to go or what to do but that’s okay. That’s what it’s like to live in a brand new place. It’s exciting because guess what: My husband and I actually get to live. Together. For longer than three weeks at a time. Really?! This shall be interesting….

at the botanical gardens in Albuquerque this morning


yeah, so there's mexico, waaaayyy beyond.


relaxing side by side... finally here!


kitteh's relaxing too.

>Rearranging and a noo kitteh

>If you’re wondering about my apparent misspelling of “new kitty”, check out icanhascheezeburger.com. You will be amused.

This week, and more specifically today, I worked on unpacking all the boxes I had packed back in April when we thought we were going to do a DITY move to Texas. Ha. If only I knew then what I know now. I will never pack another box until there is a moving truck waiting for me outside. And even then, the Army will be packing our stuff for the next five years.

Anyway. Here are a few pics of the updated arrangement.

New table from Wally World.. I can spread out all my sewing stuff and not have to worry about cluttering up the dining room table! I made new curtains for this room too but the photo wouldn’t rotate for some reason. It’s a cute vertical stripe print with cream, brown and pink. Here’s a swatch..

 New arrangement for living room, which I really like. We have way too many books. It’s funny because only 3/4 of one of the shelves is our collection of DVDs and TV on DVD.

The top and bottom trivets are from my grandma on my dad’s side. I know the top one was a wedding gift to them in 1952! The owl one I got at Salvation Army for 50c.

That’s what I did today, along with grocery shopping, a load of laundry, signing my lease for seven more months (and a reduction in rent since I was on a month-to-month), and playing with Luthor…

If you haven’t read on Facebook already, I got this kitty yesterday from some friends who were feeding him as he was roaming around outside for a few weeks. He obviously belonged to someone because he’s neutered and declawed, and healthy. I took him in since I wouldn’t have the expense of the neuter and declaw surgeries. He’s doing well so far, as you can see. We named him after Lex Luthor on our favorite show, Smallville.

This week was a weird week. I felt so elated from the race and being in Chicago last weekend, and at peace about things. Then Monday through Friday I worked and felt like I had no life because I was sick, too, so I was trying to rest as much as I could. Thankfully I’m feeling almost 100% better today, or at least right now. I didn’t run or exercise at all this week. Cross-training or lifting weights would have been ideal. I didn’t eat well either.

So here’s to a new week… and the advent of marathon training tomorrow with Gabriela. She has a ten-miler planned for us! I’m nervous but know I can do it. Two weeks from today my sister-in-law Katie and I are running the Turkey Trot 5K in Schaumburg. Woot!