>With some fellow students and teachers I went on the annual “Bike Hike” sponsored by Science Club. My borrowed bike was definitely half the size it should have been, forcing my legs to work much harder, but honestly I probably needed the workout! All in all I think we rode about 16 miles round trip.

Here’s a map of the full trail:

We went from Lock 14, I think, to Starved Rock State Park.

Here are a couple pics in case you haven’t seen them on Photobucket:

View of the I & M Canal from the trail

Sunlight through the trees at Starved Rock

View from Starved Rock

Group of everyone, except one of my coworkers who took the pic. I’m the one on the left in all navy who is a teacher but looks like a high-school student.

Thought I’d post an update! Have a great rest of the week.

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